“I once fell asleep in this woman’s arms,” says the Minister of Tourism, Wildlife and Environment, Kitso Mokaila pointing to one of the therapists at the official opening of the Mowana Safari Resort Spa in Kasane recently, “
“See you tomorrow madam so I can enjoy those magic hands one more time,’’ he adds much to the amusement of other guests who were already reeling in fits of laughter at his previous joke.
It was at this moment that the idea of interviewing the ‘charming and smooth talking’ minister as one woman later described him crossed my mind. I then made up my mind that I will take advantage of the relaxed atmosphere to have a one- on-one with the cabinet minister who is popular for his sense of humour and charm. The following day on a Saturday morning I made my way to the Spa to make a booking for a facial when I came face to face with my target. He was sitting on a couch clad in sports gear of shorts and a t-shirt in the company of two therapists awaiting his turn to be tantalized by ‘the magic hands.’
After he had turned tables on me, asking me various questions to justify the interview, he eventually agreed to open up and below is how the first part of the interview went. The second part was later on at the dinner table during what he called social intercourse with The Voice.


Where did your interest for politics come from?
For me it was a question of politics choosing me instead of the other way round. I never had an interest in politics until I was identified but the then MP for Barolong Ronald Sebego as one of his likely successors. He had infact identified five of us. I then started attending kgotla meetings and other BDP meetings and as fate would have it I was subsequently the one to succeed him.

What kind of a politician are you?
I am not your run of the mill politician who likes rallies and opening his mouth in parliament for the sake of being heard to be saying something. I don’t like rallies and rarely will you hear me speaking in parliament simply because I am not that type of a person who will talk only because they like the sound of their own voice. I only open my mouth when talking serious stuff. People in my constituency also now know that and have accepted that. I will not stand up in parliament to ask for a certain thing to be done especially developmental when I know pretty well that it is not part of the budget.

Are you enjoying life as a politician and for how are you going to be in this game?
I love serving my country so yes I am enjoying it, as for how I will continue being in politics ask me after 2014 after I would have won the elections. And please note that I am saying when I would have won and not if I win.
You are so confident of victory
Of course I am, there is still no alternative

Do you ever envisage a Botswana under a different ruling party?
If ever Batswana make the mistake of voting the BDP out they will quickly realize the grave mistake they would have made and make sure they don’t repeat the same mistake.

What are your political ambitions, do you wish to be Botswana’s president one day?
I am not after any office, if I happen to be chosen for any office then yes I will take it and serve my country.

You are regarded as one of President Khama’s closest ally, are you and are you related to him?
No we are not related, my father worked for his father and I happened to go to the same school with his younger brothers, that doesn’t make us relatives, does it?

But you are friends?
He is not my friend, he is my boss.

Ok, now lets talk a bit about your personal life, are you married?
Yes I am

Where is Mma Mokaila?
She’s overseas, together with the kids

Who do you stay with?

What makes you happy?


No one can make me happy except my self, If I am not happy nothing and no one will change that so I have to make sure I make myself happy.

With all due respect Minister, I wouldn’t have done justice to this interview if I don’t ask you this question, you are viewed as a ladies man or a womaniser, how would you respond to that?
(Laughs out loud and stands up) It’s now time for my massage so I am going

But at least respond or comment about this before you leave
(Sits down smiling) You see, people like creating perceptions about other people so if there are people out there who think I am a womanizer it’s fine, I will not lose sleep over perceptions and neither will I go out of my way to prove that I am not.

If you were an animal which one would you be and why?
I would be a cheetah but it has nothing to do with cheating (Laughs out loud again and stands up to leave). I am saying a cheetah because Cheetas can be calm when it has to and when it as to be aggressive it can really be vicious.

He goes for his massage and we meet again later during dinner. While passing by his table he calls me to say we need to continue and conclude the interview but that was after telling other people that I was asking him about his sex life and that he will tell me all I want to know. I show him where I am seated with the excitement of a tell -all interview with Mokaila and in a few minutes he joins me in what he calls social intercourse with The Voice.

Earlier you dismissed that you are ladies man but am sure something happened for people think like that about you
Ah! you, are still on that issue, I was joking that I would tell you all you need to know about my sex life, there is nothing to tell. Like I said before, it’s all about perceptions. You see it’s like what people think of President Khama, people think he is a dictator yet he is very far from being one. So really I can’t be bothered by perceptions.

By the way, how old are you sir?
How old do you think I am?

Maybe early 50s
Ya, you rite I am 54

Ok, ever since you joined cabinet you have always been the Tourism Minister, why do you think that’s the case?
I think it’s because of my character.

Please elaborate and tell us about your character
I am a very jovial man, difficult to offend and I never hold grudges and of course hard working. So I guess that’s why Rre Mogae and President Khama put me in this position, its needs a man of my character to run it and I think I am doing my best. What you also need to appreciate about my ministry is that it is very diverse, it has so many portfolios under it.

What do you love most about Botswana and being a Motswana?
I love the unity and peace that we have as a nation, nothing compares to our uniqueness. And as Batswana we are so sincere, very trustworthy by nature though sometimes it works against us. You see, as Batswana we always trust other people and rarely do we suspect them of any wrong doing.

When you are long gone , what do you want to be remembered for?
As the Minister of Tourism who gave direction to his ministry resulting in a huge increase of tourists arrivals. The figures speak for themselves and if we were in Gaborone I would show you what I am talking about. I also want to make sure that all departments in my ministry perform to the best of their abilities while under my leadership. And of course I want to be remembered for the positive differences I am making in my constituency.

What do you do during your spare time seeing that you are a lone man?
I love fitness so I train a lot, watch TV especially sports and I love Formula One. I also spend some time at my farm.

Favourite food and drink?
I eat anything and nothing specific for a drink. If you were asking about alcohol I don’t drink or smoke. I am a very sober man who always know what he is doing.

Three words that best describe you
Very very likeable



  1. what do you like most about being a motswana? can you read that answer carefully. or dear, wrong doing, oh my God people are still hanging on to the comments i posted on the internet long time ago, i really do not want to talk about this thing, a long time has already elapsed since then gape ne ke se mo botswana at the time, there is no way i could have forseen gore after 3 years people would still be talking about it, i spent the the last six years abroad mainly in australia and western europe, people should get over it. i thought gore my humiliating sacrifices would simply make people get over it mara ba tsweletse they are still talking about it, nna my life is experiencing rapid progress, i dont even have a year in this country already i have a business ka ko block 3 industrail ka kwano not far from ha go rekisiwa di gas cyliders teng mo lineng eo, im opening another one in the next few months mo rail park mall by the time you monkeys realise gore im not coming to politics ill be a millionaire, le gone im a young person its just flattering just to be mistaken for the next great leader, but its kind of naive and unrealistic, ha bona re lala masigo re bina bo seyaya orlanda go supa gone gore we are still young, so i urge people to stop talking rubbish i have no political ambitions in this country, if i had any political ambitions there would be no better time to start than today now that im in botswana, get over it and get a life. after all its a matter of dudy for the more civilised and intelligent men to civilise savages with their ideas, and teach a ni##$ how to think.

  2. It’s that way of the gods mona many are called few are chosen, if christos wanted to be great he could single handedly carry on his shoulders the hopes and aspirations of the masses from one point in history and safely deliver them to another, such that the latter would be radically different from the former,

  3. hello people out there, can i just say that the commnets i posted there have got nothing to do with the member of parliament.hoo i have realised that comments i post here are read by a lot of people, have had some impact on other people, and the whole thing has played out in public over a long time.so after meditating over this things for long time i reached a final and unalterable decision to quit politics completely and renouce my political beliefs. This has got nothing to do with lack of respect for elders or other people, lack of moral courage,or pride to one day live to prove a point. it has got everything to do with self-preservation, to preserve my spirit, as well as to free so many souls from my spirit and hope that i will slowly fade away from their subconcious into permanant oblivion. human beings are born with free will, there are no destinies, and anyone trying to live along a fixed path of destiny would rob himself of the freedom of free will. so by applying the same logic you would know that anyone who has got the will to be a leader would the first to come forward, so when people go behind him and do fateful things and try to force him to do something is in fact without any principle(i am by no means a moralistic person), and raises questions of moral and emotional blackmailing. so in the end after considering what i had said originally, the condition under which i said that which i think i stated, and measuring that against the sheer scale and size of what happened after, and applying my judgement to it, i leave without the slightest sense of guilt, perhaps a bit of shame but not guilt. from henceforth i will live my life privately, pursuing my own, interests and my own version of happiness. if i ever post comments again it will be comments relevant to such topics. anyone who continues to talk will do so until they realise that they are talking to themselves. i guess a friend’s advice will serve me well ”tswa mo go tsone, thokomologa and get busy live’ im out and thank you for reading and liking the things i have in the past said.


  5. this goes out to the people in the media, who continue to talk about this thing, i think i have already explained myself enough gore this that people followed so much over such a long time was said by somebody in new south wales, in sydney in 2009, i couldnt even remember a word i had said two days later, 3 years after that in Botswana the whole thing is as good as something that never actually happened, I couldnt care less about what has already happened or said , what I demand from this people is that they stop talking about this this in one way or the other, if they dont do that i will call their radio stations and tell everybody they can go to hell, after all its not a result of my own decisions that led me into such a position, its the systematic actions of other people, from breaking political parties to creating expectation its self, I got nothing to do with it, im not even interested in the whole thing and no words could express my hatred for this whole thing, as well people whose actions directly led to this.The people who took actions are the people who are fully resposible for their own actions, and shouldnt try to make anybody feel responsible for their actions, that is wrong and its called a moral blackmail. so this people should stop even those who write articles in news papers, its not only abusive and unacceptable but it is also criminal as well because it is an infringement on your rights as citizen. its everything but normal human behaviour, if we define normal human behaviour as something, with limits, but people break boundaries and go beyond such limits when they go to public media. and that makes it a strange human behaviour born desperation and obssession. if somebody had said something on the internet then only that person could come and act on it, if he does it is no one’s resposibility to go and act on it, and again if you said something and you never came back to say anything again you could count on the fact that people themselves would know when to stop. for the life of mine i could imagine former australian prime ministers like john howard, and malcolm fraiser as well as current australian politicians like kevin rudd, malcolm turnbull, or treasurer wayne swan, going around in televisions and public radio stations over something said on the internet, creating an almost national impression that there is somebody out there who could lead a nation, surely the aussies would have taken a leave off their senses. there is something seriously wrong with the national political psychology. so donot disturb my peace because of your own failures, im busy with my own things. if you continue to talk i will call your radios and gakena gole busisa sente gake kolote ope sepe. you cant go after somebody like that simply because you want him to lead you. just how odd is that. does that even happen in any other country on the planet?

  6. hehe two days later, I think probably a lot longer than that, but thats actually true, contrary to what some people seem to be thinking that this guy had been in Botswana all this time watching and listening to us even though he knew all along that he would never come out. But the reason i came back to the voice was simply to say that I have quit politics and also to try and rescue my own dignity from the opinion of other people, we cant have a situation where somebody had to choose between politics or face public humiliation, its unacceptable, and I urge Bataswana once again to have respect for other people and their decisions as well as their wishes. I know that what has happened to the country is not cool, people came and stirred up the emotions of people, they gave them false hope, and then damped people, leaving them leaderless, The leaders dont seem to get a damn thing right.In that case batswana would have every right to be angry at the people who did that to them. of course im not one of those people. When you go through the media today people talk about petty things as though we are a nation of children, they dont discuss ideas of how fundamental change can be brough about in a nation, when you take a long hard look into the future of the opposition, it scarecely have a future, bdp on the other hand has failed to diversify economy for decades, the economy is still heavily reliant on diamonds, half of our people are infected with hiv/aids, the nation should declare war on all of this issues.

  7. Rodonov karadic went on trial this week too, for crimes against humanity, the maniac had led bosnian-serb forces on an ethinic cleansing campaign in the mid 1990s, in a complicated ethnic conflict between former yugoslavian states!!

  8. nobody out there should question my behavior or my judgement in having posted the comments that i posted on the internet in the manner in which i posted it, it is right in my judgement and everybody should see it as right, anybody who comes across these may not know whats going on, but there are a lot of people in this country following me in the media, what i say on the internet indirectly becomes the headline of their next articles in newspaper, thats dumbest thing i have ever seen in my life, perhaps execpt some positive ones but want nothing from this people but to leave me alone, I don’t need their advice or wisdom, i got better knowledge, better understanding, better wisdom and better intellect, i can make it on my own, so this people should leave me alone, their opinions play very little in my mind, and consequently very little on me, it would be in their interest for these imbeciles to stop wasting their time. thats an unspeakably dumb behaviour.

    I will never again comment on the voice.

    I learnt a lot things about human behaviour, vindicated all my beliefs and philosophies.

    but he ever came out in some 6 or 7 years you people would never know that, thats him, never, some deluded people in some local radio stations may give an impression that they know him, but they are just deluded, and if anyone ever suspect, politicians like this word, I dont know what you are talking about!!!

  9. oh just one last thing, could i just say that whole thing should be viewed in the context of politics, because that is what this is all about, it was done with the supreme goal of both extricating oneself completely as well as completely distancing oneself from political and human relations problems that had characterised some of the things that happened in politics, doing that consistent with my argument throughout the whole time i was posting these comments. But behind all these lies a decent and respectful citezen who loves his country, thats why he spent so much time ecouraging fellow citizens to develop stronger national and cultural identity, and well as ecouraging fellow citezins to awaken from complacency, and a whole lot of other things, today there is evidence of that, and he did all of that for no self gain. but thats ok.
    in the end i would once again thank all those fellow citezens who have been kind enough to listen to those things i said. with this i have come to the conclusion of this, on the same place where it began, thevoice. self interest is an overriding factor.

  10. self interest was an overriding factor in keeping ones integrity and living upto ones standards and principles.

  11. With all due respect Minister, I wouldn’t have done justice to this interview if I don’t ask you this question, you are viewed as a ladies man or a womaniser, how would you respond to that?

    (Laughs out loud and stands up) It’s now time for my massage so I am going

    But at least respond or comment about this before you leave
    (Sits down smiling) You see, people like creating perceptions about other people so if there are people out there who think I am a womanizer it’s fine, I will not lose sleep over perceptions and neither will I go out of my way to prove that I am not.

    Ok, now lets talk a bit about your personal life, are you married?
    Yes I am

    Where is Mma Mokaila?
    She’s overseas, together with the kids

    Who do you stay with?
    ma 14

    What makes you happy?

    Ma 14

    Ija! reserve my comments

  12. The voice people could you please delete all those comments posted by christos, eko e te e nne modiga bathong, i would greatly appreciate it if you would do me that favor.thank you

  13. No way the voice wont delete these comments. i dont know man, but i heard something like there is a chance that some people who are not in Botswana could have been going through these comments possibly to try and form a coherent picture about the personality or charecter whatever you may call it about the person who posted the comments maybe with the intention of exploting that somewhere i dont know. its crazy coz these comments were intended not necessarily as a response but rather a reaction to the things that were said by other people. Just from the beginning talking of a monkey, i dont believe that anybody is a monkey even though i said such things, talking of spiritual things, soul, pride, dignity, shame,health and just about all of the things i talked about there did not come from me but rather from other people, i was basically saying not what i wanted to say but rather what I had to say for reasons that I think i stated above. From the socond comment all the way down I was basically reacting to how people were reacting to those comments. even the rage or possible distress it was not authentic but rather simulated. after all 96% of what this people are talking about happened entirely out of my sight, so even as i talk of radio stations, or television, i didnt personally here anybody or see anybody on either radio or television, im talking about things that i heard from other people, so nobody out there should have an exxagerated view of either the situation or the person.In fact i think it is not possible to form a meaningful relationship with somebody that you dont know, simply because of the commets you read on the internet. it was never my intention in any way to have some kind of influence on the political things that were happening, and most of the things I said were rather intellectual not political, so as for some people who still think im into politics it would be better for them to realise that it is not the case, on top of that it is completely not worth at all to waste their time with a 27 year old, i honestly do no believe that a 27 old could make any difference in politics, i mean its joke. when i talked about knowledge the implication is not that i know better that anybody or that i have better knowledge of politics, what i meant is that I knew what people were saying and the reasons why they were saying it, so it would be better for them to just shup up and leave you alone. if any other person may be interested in the person who is posting these comments i would once again make it clear, that i would not be coming out there to anybody, anywhere, at anytime under any conditions. im ardamant about that. after all these things im talking about have got no relavent meaning or relevent value in relation to my real life. but i have always had to take my time and divert my mind back to this issue hoping that i would answer some people’s questions in process, if some people were interested in you because of what you said, you probably have had similar experiences in the real world and such things may not be new to you after 27 years of being in different places in the world and possibly years of academic excellence, so i would count my blessings and kindly ask people to leave me alone, once and for all.