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Minister fires eight Sowa Township councillors

Minister fires eight Sowa Township councillors

The minister of Local government, Venson Moitoi has fired all eight Sowa Town specially elected councilors on Wednesday.

Sowa township mayor, George Kaisara Maphane told The Voice in an interview that they were indeed fired by the minister after she had accused them of ‘failing to take certain decisions in council.’

“She said we failed to do what we vowed to do when we took our oath of office. She then dissolved the council pending investigations on whether she should reinstate us or find new councilors,” the mayor noted.

Maphane however couldn’t say much except to mention that he was still dazed at the flimsy reasons given for the dissolution of the council, adding that probably the real reasons would come out as events unfold.

He also could not comment on who would be running the Sowa township council in the meantime.

The mayor concluded by confirming that minister Moitoi did mention that she was going to give Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) three months to submit names for nomination of new councilors.

At the time of going to press, minister Moitoi could not be reached for a comment.