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Mingo’s loan-shark lesson

Mingo's loan-shark lesson

Local Kwasa artist, Amninoni Mujokeri, popularly known as Mingo learned the hard way never to mess with loan-sharks when he found himself behind bars the whole weekend for failing to pay a P4 500 debt.

The ‘Tshaba Tsotsi’ hit maker told Feel Good that he had borrowed P15 000 four years back from a Cash Loan to go and have fun with friends in South Africa for a weekend.

He said he then only managed to pay back P6 000 and ignored any demands by the loan-shark to pay the remaining balance.

“Just recently deputy sheriffs showed up at my house and served me with a summons. Luckily we had just arrived from a Safe Male Circumcision tour with Vee and he paid up P4 500 for me. I forgot to pay the remaining balance and last Friday they came to my house and I was arrested. I tried to negotiate but I was told I was not cooperative. I did not have any money at the time and I was too embarrassed to ask for more money from Vee or my parents,” said Mingo.

He said he was taken to the first offenders prison where his mother went to rescue him but it was too late as revenue offices were closed for any payment.

Mingo said his mother went to the 5000 loan bad credit shark’s house but was told the man died two weeks back.

“I never thought the sheriffs were serious when they told me I would go to jail.

I just told them I did not steal the money and that I would repay it as agreed.

I have learnt my lesson. Right now those friends we went for a trip together are nowhere to be seen and I was in trouble all alone.

I’m a born again Christian now and I’ve learnt to make wise decisions in future.

Unfortunately we learn most from negative experiences,” he added.