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Metropolitan millionaire sales agent

Metropolitan millionaire sales agent
Boitumelo receiving award

Boitumelo wins wins coveted award

Financial Advisor, Jennifer Kobuoa Boitumelo was named Metropolitan millionaire sales agent after hitting the million Pula mark in commission for this year.

Boitumelo returned from New York, in the USA last month where she went to receive Metropolitan international award also won best overall performer and highest annual premium income awards.

Speaking to Voice Money, Boitumelo said it was through hard work and commitment that she managed to win the millionaire award for the fourth year running.

She said every year she sets herself a target and makes a plan to achieve her goal.

“This is not an easy feat but with insurance you have to be passionate about your job and have good relations with clients. When we go out to receive international awards as best performers around the world we have an opportunity to benchmark and learn how others make it so I improve every year. Insurance needs continuous research on finances because today we deal with literate people. We need to educate and explain to our clients on investing and savings,” said the high achiever.

Addressing employees at the award ceremony on Saturday, Metropolitan Head of Distribution, Masego Tselaesele Mogolodi said as financial advisors they are responsible for offering the best advice to clients, community and businesses they engage with on a daily basis. She said for the past 20 years doing business in Botswana, Metropolitan has achieved uncommon results.

“We looked at employees overall contribution to retail department and noticed that the graph was going high. Our awards winners always achieve better than what they did in the previous year. Your contribution within retail department grew from about 27% in 2014 and you are now at 52% this year. I urge winners to develop the spirit of team work and teach others how you do it so that we can have more millionaires next year,” said Mogolodi