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Metro Salutem magazine launched

Metro Salutem magazine launched
HEALTH CONSCIOUS: Dr. Ntlhe Seketeme

Comprehensive guide to health issues

For years he harbored an interest of publishing a health magazine and recently his dream was finally realized.

Named Metro Salutem, the digital read offers medical and wellness advise compiled by a team of experts with various medical expertise.

“The team consists of health and wellness professionals ranging from nutritionists, physicians, psychologists, general practitioners and multiple specialists,” said founder and co-editor; Dr Ntlhe Seketeme.

Sharing the reasons for starting the magazine, Seketeme explains that with the flood of easily accessible information on the internet many are not able to deduce which information is accurate and trustworthy.

“This poses many risks as people may be inclined to follow advice given out without any guarantee of accuracy and safety. Metro Salutem, aims to engage the community daily with articles, tips, advice, news and outreach health programmes that people can take advantage of. The magazine publishes quality and validated content assembled by the diverse team,” he said.

In addition he shared that due to the collaboration of local health professionals, there was also a drive to be inclusive by using indigenous words or terminology often used to refer to some conditions, making it easier for people to relate and get the information they need when accessing information on Metro Salutem.

Accessibility of the new magazine has been welcomed by many as it also affords readers a feedback platform and a chance to personalize their enquiries.

Seketeme assures that there will be a hard copy available in the near future.