Home News Mbulawa calls for positioning of Maun as Entertainment Mecca

Mbulawa calls for positioning of Maun as Entertainment Mecca

Mbulawa calls for positioning of Maun as entertainment Mecca
REVISE TRADING: Reaboka Mbulawa

Botswana Democratic Party (BDP)’s Parliamentary candidate for Maun West Constituency in 2019, Reaboka Mbulawa has called for revised trading and entertainment laws for Maun as a tourist destination.

In an interview with The Voice following his social media posts on the issue, Mbulawa said that in as much as there is need for decency in the town, it cannot do away with the “night life” as a revenue earner and employment creation.

He said that there is need for more jobs from the night life, leisure and entertainment activities.

“We also have international travellers who also come for leisure and entertainment. A developing tourism hub couldn’t possibly survive without great entertainment and outdoor leisure activities,” Mbulawa noted

The former North West District Council Chairman said that he had previously laid out those plans in his 2014-2019 road-maps as the then council chairman.

“My thoughts are that as modernized leaders who have travelled the world, we cannot fail Maun as a town in target specific planning. The clamp down on night clubs highlights the failure by the authorities to plan accurately as per the demands of the town,”said Mbulawa

He pointed out that things should not be seen to be done the way they were back in 1966 but the planning has to go hand in hand with reduced alcohol levy and relaxed time restrictions in the night life activities.

“A balance between the “peace lover” and the entertainment world should be struck. All these groups have rights and likes and dislikes but we have to balance in planning for the future as culture evolves and changes,” Mbulawa highlighted.

The Specially elected councillor further noted the need to merge the feeders into the whole Tourism sector, adding that currently they struggle to benefit fully from the other markets as there is a need to encompass the cultural aspects into the sector.

“Take for example the Brazil, Russia, Indian, China and South Africa known as BRICS market that believes fully in entertainment, we won’t fully satisfy that sector until we have great fun places where such travelers would unwind after a great bush experience. People don’t just travel for the big five but also to immerse themselves in the local culture and to learn our way of life,” he said.

“We need Maun as a Swakopmund or Durban of the Country. People don’t wake up, eat and go to the boats and then come back to sleep. Half of the town’s revenue is in the night life playing besttechie casino games, that’s a whole 12 hours of the day that made Las Vegas, We want our own Las Vegas,” he added.