Mbulawa blames Mbaha for his defeat
DUSTED: Reaboka Mbulawa

Reaboka Mbulawa, the former North West District Council chairperson whose great fall resonated across the country this week has fingered Okavango Sub District Chairman, Mbaha Kambimba as the champion of a plot to unseat him.

“Kambimba pioneered my downfall by influencing five Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councilors from his District, Okavango to vote against me. The man campaigned against me,” Mbulawa protested.

The accused Kambimba who is also a BDP coucillor however said he was shocked with Mbulawa’s unfounded claims.

“I was busy with districts projects and never got involved in campaigns, his implications are totally incorrect”, said Kambimba in a telephone interview.

The vanquished Mbulawa however said that at this pointed what was sad about his rival; councilor Enga’s victory is that it was at the party’s expense.

“I beat Duncan Enga hands down during the party caucus and BDP is the greatest loser here since Enga defied the caucus and party members decided to change the consensus and support him,” Mbulawa lamented.

Asked what could have caused his defeat after only one term, Mbulawa said, “Some councilors, mainly the academically challenged ones did not understand my concepts and matrix, and I suspect that is why they voted me out. Such councilors prioritised corruption, and seating allowances over developments. But they are a few who understood the council mandate and those ones I’m grateful.”

Concerning his short tenure as chairperson, Mbulawa noted that he had gone to the council to serve like he did before and he shall continue serving the community as he did before.

Among his successes as the village father, Mbulawa counted the Maun facelift and the ‘eradication of Foot and Mouth Disease.”

Mbulawa blames Mbaha for his defeat
SHOCKED: Mbaha Kambimba

Commenting on his bitter rivalry with Enga, Mbulawa said, “ We are not best of friends but I hope for a better working relationship going forward. I will continue helping people as a councilor and as a businessman; I am neither arrogant nor selfish, as some people perceive me to be.”

Meanwhile, member of Umbrella for Democratic Change, (UDC) Luke Motlaleselelo of Bojanala ward celebrated the council elections results with exuberance.

“ We needed a chairperson who was voted for by the people not a specially elected one, who was imposed on us, “said Motlaleselo who went on to describe Mbualawa as conceited and arrogant.

“He treated the council as if it were his company and he was the CEO of it. He would never stop crowing about his better academic qualifications. I say good riddance,” Motlaleselelo said.

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