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Maxy rebrands to Khoisan Maxy

Maxy rebrands to Khoisan Maxy

Traditional folklore musician, Maxy, has signed with South African record label- Universal Music, and has rebranded to trade under the name Khoisan Maxy.

Following her colourful career that has seen her through many phases over the past 17 years, Maxy, born Olebile Sedumedi, is the latest addition to the multinational record label and this week she laced it all with the release of her single titled ‘Why Uvuma’.

The single which is her first under her new management was produced and directed by award winning South African producer, Robbie Malinga.

The song, an Afro-pop single is the first released project for her upcoming album which she says will be out by December.

“I am very excited to finally release the single to the world. I love the song and I am confident that the rest of the world will appreciate it too,” Khoisan Maxy said.

The ‘Makorakoretsa’ hit-maker also says she’s excited to have worked one of the world class producers on the project.

“I mean, Robbie Malinga needs no introduction and because this is a new sound for me we decided that I rebrand to Khoisan Maxy. I wanted to maintain my trademark name ‘Maxy’ but also infuse some new element to it hence the Khoisan part,” she added.

Commenting on her latest project, Khoisan Maxy says the message behind the song is about a family which has been hit by life struggles.

“One of the children (my brother) in the song, decides to go to the city but is then distracted by the city life. In the song I am basically begging him to come back home because the situation (at home) has turned for worse,” she says.

While she remains one of the musical powerhouses locally, Khoisan Maxy’s musical career drastically changed back in 2014 following a meteoric rise.

Her vocal prowess earned her some considerable admiration and was the start of the night at the 2014 Kora awards in south Africa when sang a rendition of Brenda Fassie’s ‘Mama I am sorry’ single.

She got so much attention so much that it was later reported she was cheated out of a big pay cheque by one of the producers.

Since then, Khoisan Maxy has released songs which did not exactly match her vibe before the 2014 fiasco.

Putting all of this behind her, she hopes that her latest single will help her shoot up the charts.