Police mediating to end rumours that devil worshippers lured and drowned 3-year old boy

BREAVED MOTHER: Precious Magidi

Stories linking the recent Alfa Lodge swimming pool drowning of a three-year old boy to an act of Satanism are spreading thick and fast in Maun.
Now two women who are intertwined in the saga, Alfa Lodge manageress only identified as Juliet and a prominent business woman have sort the intervention of the Maun police calling for bereaved mother Precious Magidi (28) to be summoned and warned against perpetuating the such talk.
Superintendent Alakanani David of Maun police confirmed mediating in the wrangle.
He said apart from pointing at Magidi as the originator of the rumour, the two women also queried the way Magidi and her parents allegedly went to the Lodge, sprinkled muti and took pictures of the scene of death without seeking permission from the lodge management.
Allegations are that the boy was pulled by the powers of evil into the water after the manageress “opened and exposed her blood-filled mouth” to Magidi and the child.  The talk further says that Satanists use such a sign to express their thirst for blood.
Although the talk is spreading like veldt fire, Juliet has revealed that she is no longer shaken.
“I’m not a Satanist, I didn’t call that woman and her child to the lodge and I cannot be blamed for someone’s carelessness of letting her child wonder out of her sight resulting in the drowning. If anyone needs information in connection with what transpired they must come to me with the police and get the explanation,” she said
Although the wagging tongues are not telling how the businesswoman is connected to the incident, two years ago, the Maun community once bayed for her blood after allegations of a connived attempted muti murder of some village children.
Meanwhile Magidi has distanced herself from instigating the talk.
“It’s a pity that people do not respect the moments of someone’s grief. It was just a day after the burial of my child that I was called by the police to be confronted on a rumour. I am still grieving my child and I do not have time for such talk. All what I want from the police is to find out if my child drowned on his own.”
She also alleged that when her son was removed from the pool he was flexible as if still alive and that his shoes and stockings were missing.
“I have a lot of unanswered questions pertaining to what transpired at the lodge that day and I’ve submitted a statement at the police”.  David said that investigations into the child’s death are still ongoing and collected evidence will lead to an inquest.


  1. waitse days are so evil, people need to now see the need to recieve jesus christ. this one is beyong police investigation, we call it spiritual.

  2. satanism is real! here in Moleps disatanists di re tlhakaladitse. one of them maloba o ne a bua at church gore spirit of death is hovering around! a ra ko dithejwane c.j.s.s ba setse ba bolaile 5, and its true go sule 5 kids at dat school only. ba re ba kopanela under the sea, ba ipitsa bo princes, so pray harder, and that satanist o tlhokana le dekiverance e serious.

  3. The Lodge owner is wrong by stating that it was the fault of the child’e mother for the child to wander and die. It is the Lodge’s duty to provide life guards where their is a pool i guess. Were there warning to visitors about the risk of drowning ? I might not agree that it was a satanist thing but she is now responding like one.

  4. Dilo tse ditlhoka boutlwelo botlhoko,jwa Modimo.Dilo tsa Satanisim ke tsa semoya,go lwantshana le dilo tse go thokofala thapelo.Lefoko la Modimo ke chaka ya semoya, ke lone a right tool go lwantsha Satanism.Morena jeso one a dirisa mofoka Baebele go fenya satane.Lefoko la Modimo ke chaka ee magale mabedi.O rapela ka leina la ga Jeso mme ota bona phenyo.Motho otshwanetse go tsalwa sesha go fenya mmaba.You have to be born again.

  5. Something is wrong here,satanism e teng mono,we really need God’s intervention.Se ka batwa se ka bonwa ko lodge e buiwang

  6. Dilo tse ditlhoka boutlwelo botlhoko,jwa Modimo.Dilo tsa Satanisim ke tsa semoya,go lwantshana le dilo tse go thokofala thapelo.Lefoko la Modimo ke chaka ya semoya, ke lone a right tool go lwantsha Satanism.Morena jeso one a dirisa mofoko a Baebele go fenya satane.Lefoko la Modimo ke chaka ee magale mabedi.O rapela ka leina la ga Jeso mme ota bona phenyo.Motho otshwanetse go tsalwa sesha go fenya mmaba.You have to be born again.

  7. Moya oo boitshepo o go gomotse mme precious Magidi.May the Lord jesus Christ Comfort you my sister.This situation is beyond ordinary person,or normal person.It needs God’s intervetion.This is a Spritualware.Pray without ceasing.1Thessalonians 5:17.Be a friend of God.Put you trust upon Jesus Christ.

  8. Shame!its a pity she lost her baby but i don’t know why she likens it to a muti murder akere his body was still in tact,i think the incident wud have the opposite effect by scaring people out of the pool.gape bodies of drowned victims r always fexible,she shud know,batho ba north kgangwa ke metsi blinde.Gomotsega Magidi!

  9. Baa tsenwa waitse..that woman was careless busy enjoying hrslf a lebetse gore o nale ngwana & they blame it on dilo tse di tshesane…ppl look afta ur kids in places where thr r pools, rivers & all dat, its ur responsibility as a parent. Se pateletseng boloi tuu, oka dumela jang gore ke boloi o dumela mo boloing..ah ehh batho..le diga sereti sa motse wa rona, Leung la ga MmaMoremi.

  10. HEE!SEMINJR o tla re thusa rona baloi,ka ga re kake ra re nyaa gompieno ga se rona , ke ipotsa gore ngwana downd wena o le kae coz evry parent is alwys woried go itse fa ngwana a leng teng bt u le wena magidi o tla tshwanelwa ke go botswa gore o kae ngwana anyway gomotsega mma magidi maybe he went 2 a bettr place wer GOD wil tak gud care of him nt ignor lik u did

  11. All we need is education at grass roots level to equip the young generations so that when they grow up their mind will be empowered with good and high level of sophistication. This will eliminate the uncivilized mind of witchcraft and evil thoughts against one another.

    Sekole sekolo sekolo. A bana ba pateletswe sekolo at a young age and by the way. A law should be passed that fa motsadi a sa ise ngwana sekoleng o atlholelwa toronko I think we need that. Boloi jo bo tsalwa ke go tlhoka go bala le go kwala and not only go bala le go kwala batho batshwanetse ba rutwa go itirela at a high school and a secondary level.

    Does anyone agree with me or am i just bull…..ng?

    A kalo.

  12. Ga gona boloi, mosadi yo neglected ngwana a le busy having her fun.there is a warning sign e e reng children swiming should be accampanied by parents le gore people should swim at their own risk.this woman o tshwanetswe ke tronko hela o tlagetse ngwana a wandara a le nosi period!!! le sang go re senya leina batho ba Maun.

  13. have faith on everything u say and have faith on someone you think is greater. mosadi wa modimo God is always there for everyone gase gore o go lathile think about the man of God Job.truth always comes at the end,just wait it may take years but hold on.

  14. Wena rramozara o feta metsi jaanong o tswara seretse lesa go bua ka maina a batho leswe, motsadi mongwe le mongwe o ne a fa ngwana leina le le motswhanetseng (Juliet)

  15. its so painful for a manager to run her business by killing customers,how do u want ur business to grow,re siele kae?sometimes we hav to speak the truth Juliet ga bolo go ja batho ka motaile o wa gagwe this time god wanted to show her up to the public tshaba mosadi wa moloi yoo i command u to die in jesus name.precious what ever the devil steal from u is returned double believe .

  16. common sense batho, motho gaa kake a togela a 3yr old kid asa thokomelwa mo swimming pool gotswa ha a ba a blamer ba bangwe 4 her carelessnesss

  17. Jah know all tings,receive salvation through Jesus Christ, these are di last days so run di race with fear and trembling b4 di Lord, peace upon Maun…bware of di enemy though he doesnt have teeth, he pretends to

  18. Wena Pree re mmogo. Maru ga se pula mosi ke molelo. Ha gona mokoko o llang jalo. Se a bo se le teng. A e dupiwe lodge eo.

  19. nnyaa! kana tota mmaagwe mosimanyana one a kgaeditswe ke melemo ya ga juliet, dats why ane asa ele tlhoko gore ngwana oile ko swima ale nosi.

  20. tumi le nxu-stru,remember that common sense is not common to everyone—jaaka fa o bona motsadi a tlogela ngwana a tshamekela mo metsing a le wesi…di-maneijara di bua diphirimisi fela jaaka ene saatane tota,tota gatwe wat is this country coming to???first politics…then moruti o swela mo godimo ga kuku…and now ngwana o bolawa motlhofo fela jaana???Lord have mercy on this nation

  21. kante e le gore lodge ya teng ga e na di life guard ko swimming poolong?if not a e tswalwe.eseng jalo e tsile go fetsa bana.ka mme ruri!!!!!

  22. on my opinion the incident is tricky to judge,but if there is satanic behind it surrender it to god,becouse is the wrigth one to avenge

  23. tota this matter can only be solved by God who sees in secret where we as mortal men can not….i wish both the deceased and the hotel manager should leave the issue in the hands of God. for sure one day judgement will take its course!

  24. A mosadi wa lodge a ntshe ngwana, nxa, o tsaya dilo motlhofo, o tshwanetse a ba a sa tshole, ga a itse botlhoko jwa ngwana.

  25. we are living in the last days we nid God mur than eva,say no to the devil and say no to his cals.@gmail ke dumalana nao, bathong satanist is not a joke its real, ke eng legodu le kgona go utswa sengwe le sengwe mo ntlong o le teng o sa le utlwe,this people use wat eva that maks you slip n wak afta the work is done. we have 2 pray 4 awa country n col upon God. mme Juliet ga o itire you are doing the job u hav ben signed 4 n 4 u 2 get out o4 et u hav 2 b delivad.may God hav mercy on you n deliver you 4rm ur iniquites,mmagwe losea gomotsega motho wa modimo God sees you n he wil b wit u alwas just trust hm,o ska wa ya ko go bo nka di latha ka ba tsile gore o loiwa ke nkukuago just sek God.