Rumour has it that Maun is a very nice place to live. I don’t know much about that, but it is certainly a football hot bed. The locals love football more than most, which was something I witnessed when we played up there with the Zebras. Even in the past when we played as far away as Zambia, the Maun branch was always well represented. It was a great incentive to play the Rollers v Gunners there, and is something more of the popular clubs should consider next season.  They are guaranteed a good turn out and it saves supporters making the long hazardous trip to Gabs.


The Zebras boycott
We all read and hear that we are planning to boycott the forthcoming AFCON game because of bonuses. Obviously some people think I can’t speak out about the issue, but people have to know that I don’t easily get intimidated. As I write this what we know is that organisations are still contributing towards our welfare, so we are just patiently waiting without hassling our superiors.

TOP FORM: Moatlhaping

Jomo the Supa Striker
Talking about strikes, Jomo scored four goals this past weekend which makes him the league’s top goal scorer. He will get the golden boot award and he even scored with two headers, so it was not as if we were just passing to him for a simple tap-in.  The coach told us to score at least one goal to show him the way and then it was going to be easy for Jomo to join the party. That is exactly what happened. This week we take on Santos and hopefully we can still have our man scoring for fun.

No time off in the off season
It is unfortunate that such an important aspect of the sport is missing for us in the national team.  We won’t know what an off-season is because as the league breaks we are going into camp to prepare for AFCON matches. The time off is meant for a player to relax, you should not do anything too strenuous, just let the body recover from the hard knocks of the season. It is important for football players to unwind otherwise you might burn out. Still I am prepared to put my body on the line for my beloved country. Enough said!

Awards and rewards
Unlike in other leagues where the criteria to select award winners is public knowledge, here it is a mystery. It is hard for me to predict who the manager or player of the season could be because I do not know what criteria is used to select the winners. One more thing is that I have not seen enough of all the players as I do not watch all the matches.

Man U-no fixing
Against Blackburn this past weekend we saw beautiful football brains. You see if you need a point each from a game to be safe sometimes you keep it that way. On Saturday if Blackburn could have attacked Man- U or vice-versa when both were happy with a point five minutes before the end, then anything could have happened at the back. It is called playing to your advantage, and not taking risks. I know here it could have been labelled a fixed match.
I do not believe much in match fixing. The rumour doing rounds that the match between Nico United and Motlakase could be fixed holds no water. It is just speculation and I believe both teams will play to their full abilities. At the end of the day the best team will win. Besides you can’t always believe what you hear on the grapevine.


Game of the month
The TASC against Miscellaneous game will surely be one to watch. I fail to understand how some people think because of the Miscellaneous-Motlakase rivalry the Serowe boys might pave the way for Tasc. The point is the games will be played at the same time so there is no way any team can risk their survival. Relegation is tough on a player, although I have never been in a basement battle and I don’t think I ever will be.

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