IMG_6083A donkey recently went crazy in Maun and attacked a little girl in biting her on the head and shocking her family and neighbours who battled to rescue her.

The 1- year- old girl who was being treated for the bite on the head at Letsholathebe Memorial Hospital was attacked by the animal while playing with two other kids on Thursday afternoon last week.

Speaking to The Voice from the hospital, the girl”s shocked mother, Kebonyemang Kealotswe said that the donkey took them by surprise because it did not show any abnormal behaviour prior to the incident.

Recounting the bizarre events of the day, Kealotswe 20 said that she was doing laundry when she heard passersby screaming.

“When I  looked to see what was happening, I was mortified to see my child dangling from the donkey’s mouth and I immediately tried to get it to drop her but it became violent.

More  people came to help but the donkey stood its ground. Eventually it dropped the child but still kept her captive in between its legs.”

The donkey which has been used by the girl’s family for ploughing and transport  over the years then attacked everyone who tried to help the girl and even gave chase to the father of the child who had also joined the masses in pelting it with stones to rescue the child.

“We managed to grab the baby when it gave chase to her father and we took her to the hospital., ” said the distraught mum.
Kealotswe said that at first they thought the baby had died because she did not move or cry until they reached the hospital.

“How can a donkey that we know, our own donkey attack my child only among others that she was playing with, it’s witchcraft.”

She charged,adding that since that day the child has been experiencing nightmares.

Hospital Superintendent, Maxwell Mungisi said that what happened was a rare occurrence that they have never seen before.

Mungisi further explained that after consulting the victim he contacted  the Veterinary officers who advised them to give the patients anti-rabbis vaccine.

“The baby is lucky because her wounds are not infected and we are using an antibiotic to prevent it from outside infections.”

Mungisi said that the child may spend another week in hospital while waiting for the affected tissues to heal.”

A Veterinary officer however said the donkey did not have symptoms of rabbis but recommended that it be killed nonetheless.

“We suspect that it charged because it had just  given birth five days before the incident,” said the officer.

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only in maun…
get well nnana


Di a dirafala ko Mau!!! O tlaa fola nnana.


3 things.. 1. the childs head may have looked like a water melon 2. the donkey may have been abused and 3. rabbis

aee a ko lo re iketlele rona batho ba Mun………hahaha Boselep. Or the donkey had post natal depression.


Waitse mo ke gone mo goteng motlha o tsile!A re tshabeleng go Modimo dikgang tsa go tshwana le tse ke ene a ka di rarabololang, not a sangoma, not inyanga, no body only Him, Dilo tse di diragalang i blv this is a year of turnback to Christ!