In love: Sandra Tshugulu and Telmore Kamuruko

Couple celebrates union made possible by Voice dating column
SandraTshugulu is not an avid reader of newspapers, but as fate would have it, the day she decided to flip through The Voice newspaper in July last year, was to become a day she will never forget.
As she paged through the paper, her eyes were caught by the newspaper’s ‘Lets Get Personal (LGP) dating column. As she read through the page, she came across an advert that made her heart skip a bit, which read… “a tall Zimbabwean man looking for a lady aged 23-25 who does not smoke or drink.”
“I just love tall guys and when I saw the advert my instincts told me to give it a try, which I did and the rest is history,’’ said  25- year Tshugulu, gently caressing her fiancée Telmore Kamuruko, 29, on his thigh, while flashing a big warm smile at the same time.
With love clearly written all over their faces, the couple spoke of how they were happy to have found each other, revealing that they will be having their white wedding next year. Lobola was paid for the bride to- be in April and the couple is already living together.
“The future is looking bright for us, we are just happy and very grateful to The Voice newspaper  for their LGP column and we hope other people will find the same joy through this column,’’ said Kamuruko.

It was not that easy for Kamuruko to hook up with the love of his life because after placing the advert he met three other women who unfortunately did not fit his bill.
“Despite all this I told myself that I will not give up until I find my sweetheart and my patience paid off, here I am today with a woman who has made my life complete,’’ he said.
“I remember the day we first met, I was like wow, this guy is really tall,’’ said Tshugulu joining in the conversation. The couple first met at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) in Molepolole where they had their first lunch together as they had agreed to meet at a central place and in a public area. Tshugulu was coming from Lobatse while Kamuruko was coming from Letlakeng where he works as a driver.
“In as much as we had built trust over the two weeks that we had been communicating, I still wanted us to have our first meeting in public. It was not love at first sight but from the conversations that we had on the phone before we finally met, I could tell that he was real.  He was open and genuine with me from day one and it was the same when we finally got to meet. We have grown in love and our love just keeps getting stronger by the day. This was a match made in heaven,’’ she said beaming from ear to ear.

She said Kamuruko was everything she wanted in a husband, someone to share laughter and pain with, someone who loved her for who she was and someone she could trust. The couple said they have each had their share of heartbreaks and failed relationships before finding love at last. It is for this reason that Kamuruko decided to find love through the paper as he felt the conventional way had failed him.
However the pain they felt during those heart aches, is nothing compared to the overwhelming love and happiness they have found in each other, they said.
“Sandra is not only my lover but my best friend, soulmate and the woman who will be the mother of my many children,’’ he says and they both laugh and hold hands. As a parting shot, Sandra asks for my mobile number and says “You are now on our guest list for our big day.”


  1. @thabsdk-a nyetse ebile ana le bana,o batla citizenship hela,o tlaa bo aya go tsaya family ya gagwe …heard that so many times..

  2. you seem to be sooo much in love…i wish you the best but my advice is yoo ke motswakwa mama ba bothale thata..1 minute you are soo in love ebile la nyalana the next o nyametse ha o itse ko a teng a siele ka bana and evrything..just pray gore o ska nna a victim like all those who went throu that..

  3. Ke gore basadi ba batswana ba tla a bulega matlho leng.Batswakwa ba ba dirisa ese gore ba a ba rata,ba batla dithoto fela.Ke go eleletsa masego le matlhogonolo kgaitsadiaka

  4. The ratio of women to men is about 3:2. Perhaps polygamy could grant every girl a marriage opportunity. This could save our sisters from these opportunists. Go batliwa CEDA.Ha gona sepe gape. And nna ke tsamaela go lapa ka dillo tsa basadi baba tsietswang ke batswakwa. Aah …yeh!

  5. My sister ga a bue gore a okile a ya Zim go ya go bona batsadi ba monna gore e re a bua ka lenyalo a bo a itse bo matsale le gore a ha gona mosadi yo mongwe kwa Zim bcoz ngwao ga di tshwane. Fa a ka okiwa ke magadi le setshego o tla ikaletsa a ile mfana.

  6. A foreigner must not be given citizinship just because he or she has married motswana. they must atleast spend more than 10 years together from marrage date before motswakwa can become motswana.We hear that these foreigners use women to gain citizenship to have the same benefits as every motswana and later they damp these women… this sounds like selling the country to foreigners…..One day we might find ourselves invaded by these people living among ourselves or even fighting for land.

  7. In 2 years time,the voice will be telling us about your horrible story and o tla a bo ole bruised that time my dear,ene mokone a vaile ka madi le bana.,believ it or not mosadi yo montle

  8. comeon people, love has no colour, no race and no limits, kante why rona batswana are so so narrow minded. with or without citizenship they are in love. perhaps there is something we are not doing well as batswana man, now when foreigners get them ladies we hide behind ceda, lea, citizenship, etc, lets stop being negative and improve. I havent heard of any nations complaining that a motswana got married in their country(ies) is after something….aaagghhh comeon guys

  9. @musapenda..there might be in love right now but wher wil they be in3 years time.what we are doing is to advice the youg lady…there are many batswana women who have been maried to foreigners and have been abused and used…i agree with the person who says they want citizenship and ceda loans..just last week ther was a story of a lady who have een maried to kenyan…who took everythin including her child and chased her away….

  10. match in heaven indeed wht a g8 couple ba a tshwanelana thy look so hppy n so much in love!!!!!!! i jst dnt understand y ths pple thnk so negative ka dilo tsa batho disa ba ame @musapenda wise words well said

  11. sis marriage is lyk public toilet…those in are willing to comes out while those outside are willing to be in…be carefully..mma!..o tsoga ore ditsala digo loile…their many batswana baba kago fang de real love..le nna kele mo teng…by de way…gudluc!

  12. I am happy for you my sister I wish you all the best in your marriage…I have found love in a Zimbabwean guy …Welcome to the world of love sisi bo batswana men are bo Tinto they eat and vamoose…I am over them Tswana men, patriotism doesnt work in love..All the best no turning back my sister where were they Tswana men when you bagged yourself a Zim guy they were snoozing isnt it? You snooze you lose tough luck majita

  13. waitse go nna motswana is a curse im telling u,tota gate when r we batswana going to accept that time has changed?batswana bahlo ba nyalwa ke makgowa mo ga go tsusiwe modumo just because motho ke mozim go buiwa dilo,bagarona batho ga ba tshwane ebile God HAS EVERY DIFFERENT PLAN WITH OUR INDIVIDUAL LIFES,tswang mo ngwaneng o mongwe just pray gore a seka a wela ka lemena lele wetseng ba bangwe e seng go mo curser ke lone lefufa lele itsang batswana go tswella le,nna ame hela ke gore my sister pray hard God will reveal mirracle with u if batho ga ba dumele an the voice these shows progress thumbs up ba ga rona.

  14. well itseng gore all the negatives u are saying can be positives,jaanong ako le chilleng lesang go itseela ditshwetso,gake gane manyambira a kwetsi fela are ba feng sebakanyana hleng bagarona etare faelegore le a tshuba a boelele ko the voice go ya go kopa gore column yeo e tlosiwe, for now chilang nathi!!!!