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Master of her own destiny

Master of her own destiny

At the age of 26, Neo Skillo Aabobe has her hands full. The young Kanye lass is a mother, a radio personality, and a sports enthusiast with business interests.

She juggles her time hosting two radio shows (sports anchor and the Farmers Diary Presenter) on Gabzfm as well as a television show airing on Now tv.

In the era where many graduates lament the lack of jobs, Aabobe is a firm believer in the importance of creating your own luck.

She says, “Being the last born with two older siblings, I was never spoiled. My parents encouraged me to be just as competitive as the other children. I was expected to finish what I started.”

Although she admits to making mistakes, she is quick to embrace her shortcomings, as much needed lessons.

“I fell pregnant during my first year of varsity. It was not my proudest moment and seemed like the end of the world for me but it was to be a catalyst for my growth.”

Aabobe took time off school to raise her daughter and returned to complete her Public Relations Management studies at Vaal University of Technology.

“I was determined to make the most of my time at school and this led to my seeking opportunities that I could take advantage of,” she says

Aabobe had long displayed her vivacious nature while at secondary school.

“I was talkative and inquisitive. I joined the Youth Against Aids movement and loved interacting with other young people. At Varsity I would guest present on campus radio where I further honed my presentation skills.”

The ambitious young woman is however convinced that it was not just her interest and hardwork but also her passion that led to the opportunity of being drafted by an agency for a work – integrated learning opportunity in Swaziland.

Master of her own destiny
Master of her own destiny

“I relocated to Swaziland and worked on the account tasked with the launch project for the New King MSWATI III International Airport. It was the perfect training ground,” she quips.

Upon returning home to Botswana, she excitedly sent out her resume and awaited responses. She did not think it would be a challenge but it turned out to be a big challenge as the realization that she was not the only brilliant graduate seeking job placement out there sank in.

However Aabobe did not let the wait dampen her spirits and instead she threw herself into farming while also cultivating her love for sports until she got a gig as a news reader and went on to produce a business and a sports show.

“I am truly passionate about small stock production and animal feed and maize production. It is a lot of hard work and needs dedication. One must be hands on and not be scared to get dirty,” she explains.

When she is not at the farm, Aabobe indulges her love for sports and is often on the basketball courts with her team, Police V Basketball Academy for which she is also a Public Relations Officer.

When not indulging her love of sports, Aabobe enjoys time with family at the farm or her home village of Kanye.

“Spending time with my Sunshine, Sebaga and parents leaves me rejuvenated,” says Aabobe who is a staunch Christian raised by a pastor and is a part of the Praise and Worship team for a church.”

“ I am done discovering myself, I am now creating a brand. Everyone can be whoever they choose and work towards,” Aobobe says in conclusion.