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Masisi won’t reconcile BDP factions

Masisi won’t reconcile BDP factions

Distances himself from Lotlamoreng recruitment allegations

Botswana Democratic Party’s Chairman and also the Vice President of Botswana, Mokgweetsi Masisi has ruled out any reconciliation talks with the team that he beat during the Tonota’s Party Congress in July. Masisi’s battle was against a team lead by the Minister of Infrastructure and Housing Development, Nonofo Molefhi which lost battle.

In an interview with, The Voice, Masisi said that as far as he knows there is no section of the constitution that tells each lobby list to go for reconciliation with another after elections.

Although some Youth League members have been complaining that the suspensions that have been given to some youth league committee members were done in line with the Tonota Congress factions, Masisi dismissed that.

“People have to understand that contesting against each other was never a fight, we are the same people and all must abide by the party constitution despite which side you were. Again the concept of reconciliation has never been there. It is just a figment of imagination,” added.

The VP explained that some of the members who were not supporting him during the campaigns have since approached him asking to work together.

“People like Dorcus Makgato and Jacob Nkate came to my office and asked that we work together. Nkate even pledged his time and asked to be used whenever we feel that he can be useful.”

However, Masisi said that before the congress he warned his opponents to withdraw from the race because it was clear that they did not stand any chance.

“I had a team that had a good strategy and I was certain of a victory but that is not the issue now, the thing is that we are all BDP.”

Meanwhile Masisi distanced himself from allegations that in their recruitment drive; one of the people they were targeting was Goodhope/Mabule’s Member of Parliament, Kgosi Lotlamoreng.

“I cannot confirm nor deny if our members have approached Kgosi Lotlamoreng or not but what I know is that the Chief is not well. If any of our members did approach him then it is something that I am not aware.”

Efforts to get a comment from the Umbrella for Democratic Party’s legislature hit a snag.