Join the march for change

On Sunday we begin to make a public stand against the crime epidemic plaguing Gaborone.  On Sunday we gather as a community and let our voice be heard. On Sunday we instigate change. We start taking back our city from the criminals that have been allowed to take not only our cellphones, wallets, handbags but also our peace of mind. We start taking back the night from the thieves that break into houses and harm women and children – that beat people with iron bars and stab them with knives. On Sunday we stand together as a community and say “Enough! No more!”  On Sunday we march up Kgale Hill and plant a flag and reclaim Gaborone.  And we need your voice.

If you want to return Gaborone to a peaceful city where we do not have to walk around in fear and can sleep peacefully at night, then join us for the march on Kgale Hill.  There will also be PETITION to sign to say that you support the fight against crime and would like to see government do a lot more to prevent crime.  This petition will be presented  to the Minister of Safety and Security along with a strong message that Crime needs to be dealt with.
Do not be a victim.  Join us on Sunday. Stand up! Let your Voice be heard!

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