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Mangole rubishes voter-trafficking claims


Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD) Secretary General has rubbished claims that a combi involved in a road accident last Wednesday night had been carrying trafficked voters destined for Party President Sidney Pilane’s constituency.

Two members of the the party’s Central Committee died after the combi carrying 12 members of the campaign team was hit by an oncoming vehicle near Radisele.

Mareledi Heben from Serowe who was BMD’s National Executive Committee died on the spot, while Effie Bontsibokae from Mokoboxane and Deputy Secretary General of the BMD Womens’ League succumbed to her injuries and was certified dead at the hospital.

In an interview with The Voice, BMD SG Gilbert Mangole said he was disturbed by people who say the combi was carrying people trafficked by Pilane from the central district. “People are saying Pilane is trafficking. We are in mourning and have no time for such,” he said.

Mangole said the campaign team led by Bontsibokae was returning back to base after a short break from their tedious routine as foot soldiers. “What we gather is that an oncoming car which was overtaking a convoy of other cars could have miscalculated the speed of the oncoming cars and was caught in no man’s land. Unfortunately it was our cadres who crashed head-on with this vehicle,” said Mangole.

The BMD leadership has already sent a delegation to the bereaved families in Serowe and Mokoboxane to take part in funeral proceedings.