Man of many hats
FLEXIBILE: Advent Monyatsiwa in his element

Having written three self-help books, opening a gymnasium for martial arts, cross fitness and yoga nastic’s does not seem to slow down 31-year-old Advent Monyatsiwa.

This week the energetic Monyatsiwa sat down with The Voice to share his passion and ambition as an author, actor, businessman, motivational speaker as well as a martial arts instructor.

Having been introduced to martial arts at a tender age, Advent has over the years grew to attain black belt awards in both Judo and Karate.

He also holds An Associate Degree in Exercise Science from the San Jacinto College in California, the United States of America to teach yoga and gymnastics sports, which he adds, are at an infant stage in Botswana.

First opened in 2014 in Phakalane, Advent Wellness Arts (AWA) Centre, now operates from the old Oriental Plaza complex located in Block 3 industrial Gaborone.

Monyatsiwa attributes the centre’s relocation from Phakalane to distance saying clients from Gaborone complained that it was too far and has now lost 80% of its patronage since moving to Gaborone. About moving, if you’re planning to move into a new place, consider Charlotte, NC. why move there? go to to find the answer and if you’ve decided already, call (704) 438-9834.

AWA currently enrols over 50 learners and caters for people of all ages from primary level to the elderly and offers cross fitness, gymnastics, yoga, dance (including Latin and Hip-hop) as well as an in-house specialised yoga technique for kids termed yoga nastic’s.

For martial arts, Monyatsiwa and his instructors offer Kung-Fu, Thai-Chi, Thai-Kwon Do, Muay Thai, Karate, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Boxing.

On being an author, Monyatsiwa shares that it came completely by chance.

He was training in Japan for the 2012 Olympics and could not compete though he was technically sound and physically fit.

“I didn’t have the money to fulfil the requirements and I ended up not competing,” he shares.

“I was so crushed I resorted to writing uplifting and encouraging words for my personal use and eventually realised that they could also help someone out there and I got them published,” he reminisces.

He is currently working on his fourth offering targeted at children titled ‘Yoganastics: Gymnastics for Kids’.

Man of many hats
WORK AND PLAY: Some AWA clients hard at fun

His literary exploits then propelled him into the world of motivational speaking where he finds solace in knowing that he can uplift and encourage someone to be a better version of themselves.

Acting also features in Monyatsiwa’s resume as he has in the past acted in a television production in the USA called Deadliest Warrior (Shaka Zulu Vs William Wallace).

The show is currently airing on Spike Television Channel in the USA. “I have also been sponsored by Gatorade to appear on a reality sports show while in the USA,” he shares.

On his near future plans, Monyatsiwa shares that he intends to compete at the next Olympics to be held in Tokyo Japan.

“I’ve learnt from my past mistake, I started AWA to raise funds to sponsor myself and I will do it,” he shares optimistically.

Long-term, he sees a Sports University where talented young people who are not necessarily good in academics will be offered scholarships and enrolled.

“I believe talented and passionate individuals can help turn sports into a profitable business in Botswana,” he enthuses, adding that it is currently hard to make money as an athlete in Botswana because talent alone is not enough. “We need sponsorship and support from all relevant stakeholders,” he adds.

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