Home News Man hangs himself after alleged botched circumcision

Man hangs himself after alleged botched circumcision

Man hangs himself after alleged botched circumcision
STATION COMMANDER FOR SHAKAWE POLICE: Superintendent Goitsemodimo Molapise

The body of a 27-year-old man from Ndundu ward in Shakawe was found hanging from a tree on Wednesday morning.

The man is alleged to have committed suicide after a botched circumcision maimed his penis.

According to Station Commander for Shakawe police, Superintendent Goitsemodimo Molapise, the deceased’s body was discovered by his relatives.

It seems his family grew worried when he failed to return home the previous evening.

Sadly, they were right to be worried as a short search for their son ended with the discovery of his lifeless body hanging from a tree.

“We were reported of the suicide incident by the family members. They told us that the deceased left home the previous day, claiming to be visiting other relatives,” Molaipise told The Voice.

Questioned about the ‘botched circumcision’ allegations, the superintendent revealed that investigations into what could have caused the suicide were still ongoing.

However, he did note that the dead man’s family made no mention of a failed operation.

“It is evident that the deceased committed suicide, we do not suspect any foul play,” concluded Molapise.