Man convicted of rape
RAPIST: Sejaka

Magistrate Kaveri Kapeko has convicted Gaboratanelwe Sejaka of rape after conclusive DNA results.

Sejaka committed the offence on the 21st of August 2013 at Matshelagabedi village.

‘‘The DNA analysis has been the missing link in this matter,” said Kapeko on Wednesday morning.

The Magistrate further said Sejaka was also caught still wearing the same clothes the complainant said he was wearing when he raped her.

Court heard that Sejaka raped the then 19- year- old woman who was carrying a baby after meeting her on the road.

He stopped her and asked for time and she responded that she did not have a watch.

Some few minutes later Sejaka grabbed her and dragged her to a nearby bush where he raped her.

After the violation, he asked her to go with him his house. Out of fear she asked for permission to fetch the baby’s milk at her place.

She then took Sejaka to a nearby yard.

When they got there Sejaka asked her to leave her baby as assurance that she’ll come back and she complied and left the baby and her handbag with the rapist who was standing outside the yard, waiting for her to emerge with the milk.

She then asked for help from the people she found in the yard but when they got out Sejaka dropped the baby and bolted.

He was later caught by the police still wearing the same clothes he wore when he committed the crime.

On Wednesday his bail was revoked and he was remanded in custody to wait for his sentence in jail.

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