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Man arrested for abducting student from hostel and raping her

FILE PIC: Criminal behind bars

Police have arrested an 18-year-old man who allegedly raped a student after abducting her from a girls’ hostel at Gowa Junior Secondary School at Kauxwi village near Shakawe.

The suspect is alleged to have forcibly dragged the 16-year-old girl in full view of her terrified fellow students, threatening to beat her up with a broom stick when she resisted.

Shakawe Police Station Commander, Superintendent Goitsemodimo Molapisi confirmed the incident and noted that the school head reported at around 3am on Saturday, that the students at the girl’s hostels were attacked and that the attacker ran away with one of the girls.

“We went to the girl’s hostels and found out that indeed the girl was missing. Luckily some of the students knew the attacker and where he was staying. We went straight to his home and immediately when he saw the police and the teachers he fled, leaving the girl in the house,” he revealed.

Molapisi further added that they found a used condom where the girl was and she told them that he raped her.

“The victim was taken for counseling. Allegations are that it is not the first time the suspect attacked the students,” he said and added that the culprit was arrested the following day while drinking alcohol at a shebeen.

“What is also worrisome is that during our search for the suspect we also realized that the school fence behind the hostels is also worn out, which allows easy access for criminals as well as uncontrolled movement of students into the village,” said the concerned police chief.