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Man accused of stealing paper reels

PAPER COMPLAINANT: James William Derick
PAPER COMPLAINANT: James William Derick

A case in which a 33-year-old former Pyramid Holdings employee is accused of stealing two paper reels worth P2 475.00 will be heard before Old Naledi Customary Court on Thursday.

Troubled Goitseone Baakise who faces one count of stealing by servant, was yesterday (Monday) dragged before court by Pyramid Holdings Manager, James William Derick.

The two paper reels were found hidden outside the Warehouse on February 1st 2017.

Derick said he was called for the paper reels that were found hidden near the electric transformer outside the office premises.

He is said to have only taken a picture of the reels and went back to the warehouse to view a CCTV camera footage which showed Baakise using a forklift to hide the bulky paper reels.

The case was postponed to Thursday by the presiding Chief, Kenneth Thari, with reasons that the customary court will visit Pyramid Holdings on Thursday to view the incriminating footage.

Derick further told the court that Baakise was not authorized to drive the fork lift, but only employed to check machines which are used to manufacture flour bags.

The concerned Manager told The Voice outside the courtroom that the paper reels are used for manufacturing flour bags and that the brown paper can also be used to make events advertising banners.