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Malesu resigns

Malesu resigns
RESIGNED: Ookeditse Malesu

Botswana Football Association (BFA) Chief Executive Officer Ookeditse Malesu has resigned.

The resignation letter was leaked to this publication on Wednesday.

His reason for resignation is that he wants to be more focused on his business so he needs more time.

Malesu was appointed BFA CEO five months back and his probation was suppose to come to an end on the 31st of this month.

Recently there were issues of backstabs at the association and National Executive Committee divided over his appointment.

According to a reliable source at Lekidi BFA President MacLean Letshwiti and Malesu held a lengthy 2hours meeting.

It is said the CEO wanted to resign with immediate effect but Letshwiti asked him at least serve notice until month end.

“Malesu had a lot of work to deal with from the previous committee. BFA has a backlog that needs more attention and he used to leave the officer around 10pm yet some people did not appreciate it. Just recently he failed to get a tender because he was busy with BFA work so his businesses were suffering,” he said

In the letter Malesu states that his businesses needs more of his time than before. He said he will be available to assist if the association needs his help.

He thanked Letshwiti for the opportunity he gave him to work with BFA.

Malesu was shocked this publication is aware of the resignation and he could not confirm nor deny it.

When contacted for a comment Letshwiti said he has not received the resignation letter.

He confirmed he had a meeting with Malesu but said he never mentioned his resignation.

He was however concerned that there are some people who leak such information before he could be informed.