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VICTIM: Thakadu


A teenager whose private parts were injured during an assault by a school bully is pleading for legal help to sue the school for negligence.

The former Lobatse Senior Secondary School student was maimed when a school bully grabbed him by the genitals and pulled him off his hostel bed in 2016.

Although the Ministry of Education’s authority maintains that Rapula Thakadu was given all the necessary care after the incident, the 19 -year- old holds a different view.

“I was attacked at the hostel by our hostel prefect. He used to bully us. That afternoon, 24 April 2016, he found me lying on the bed, grabbed me by my genitals and yanked me up for no apparent reason,” Thakadu stated.

He said the pain was so debilitating that he could not walk and it was only through the help of other students that he was taken to the nearby hospital.

It is his contention that he was given painkillers and returned to school.

An hour later, he says, he had to be rushed back to the hospital because he could not pass urine. That was the beginning of his frequent visits to hospital, Thakadu has said.

“I was hospitalised and because I had to use a tube (catheter) to relieve myself, it often got blocked and I was frequently readmitted in hospital. As a result of his frequent visits to the hospital, Thakadu skipped many classes.

“|I could not spend a whole week in school without going to the hospital. Since 2016 to date, I use tubes to urinate,” Thakadu said.

After three months of suffering, he says, that is when the school assisted him to report the matter to the police and later to transfer him to Molefi Senior secondary School, which is nearer to her home village of Mabalane village in Kgatleng District to repeat form 4 class.

However the Director of Basic Education in the southern region, Acronews Maseko claims that Thakadu was sufficiently assisted throughout his ordeal and that the police were only waiting for him to heal so that he can lay charges against the bully.