Mabeo accused of disregarding the people
USING HIS POWER: Tshenolo Mabeo

Councillors in Mogoditshane/Thamaga sub districts have accused Minister of Employment, Labour Productivity and Skills Development, Tshenolo Mabeo of diverting P2 million worth of local government projects to make up for his failed ones.

The conflict is over the P2 million leftover from the recent erection of electric transformers in the Village Electrification Project.

The project was in four wards: Thamaga East, West, South and North.

After its completion, each ward had a remainder of P500, 000 plus, which the Council resolved would be used for further projects to be chosen by the people.

In most wards, if not all, people are said to have prioritised culverts, drifts and tower lights.

However, Mabeo, who is the Member of Parliament for Thamaga/Kumakwane, is accused of disregarding the people’s wish by ordering the erections of solar powered streetlights instead.

“The MP said we should consolidate the funds and he would make a decision on how best to use that money. We said no, that is not what the people want, but he ignored us and sent central government officers to inform us of his chosen project,” claimed Thamaga South and Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) councillor Mpho Mogwera, who claimed they were ‘forced’ to give Mabeo the go ahead with his desired project.

Echoing Mogwera’s comments, Thamaga West councillor Molatedi Selala said, “The use of the funds in question are decided at council level.

“The body of councillors here took a decision on proposed projects and even wrote letters to us to go and consult people, to ask them what they want. Now the MP wants to overrule the council’s decision, impose projects and abuse his powers as Minister on council staff who bowed down to him out of fear,” blasted the Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) member, who accused Mabeo of “becoming increasingly desperate because he has failed the constituency.”

In the absence of comment from the MP, the sub council chairperson, Ofentse Dux Mafoko defended Mabeo’s actions, insisting that as Area MP he has the final say in the constituency’s development matters.

“It is just a political vendetta. Mabeo asked from councillors and consulted people through a kgotla meeting to allow for the funds to be used on the said street lights,” concluded Mafoko.

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