Married woman suspected of poisoning ‘small house’ to death

A cheating wife, who is being divorced for desertion has landed in court for allegedly poisoning her boyfriend to death.

45-year- old Tiroyaone Lephutshe Musuku of Lotlhakane East is accused of killing 43- year- old Thatayaone Ogotseng, the boyfriend she deserted her husband of 20 years, Happy Masuku, for.

She and her co-accused Kedibonye Moggie Ramoruiwa, 44, and 30 -year -old Kamogelo Ralokha appeared in a packed to capacity Kanye court room on Tuesday amid scenes of anger from a mob that bayed for her blood and hurled insults at the three murder accused women until they were finally sneaked out of the court through a safe exit.

According to the charge sheet submitted to the Kanye Magistrate court on Tuesday morning, “The three accused persons between the 13th and 14th, January, 2018 at or near Mputsana ward in Kanye, acting jointly and in concert with a common purpose, murdered Thatayaone Ogotseng.”

Ogotseng’s lifeless body was found on the street, next to his vehicle on Sunday, January the 14th foaming from the mouth and seemingly poisoned, his family has alleged.

“They found him in a bad state. White froth was oozing from his mouth and the police said they found a suspicious bottle in the car, which might have contained the poison that killed him,” alleged Boingotlo Ogotseng, a 61- year- old traumatized aunt of the deceased man.

Ogotseng’s grandmother, 87-year-old Kebabonye Ogotseng who was also besides herself with grief at the tragic loss, cursed the day her grandson left the mother of his only child to settle with his now suspected killer, Lephutshe.

Love triangle turns tragic
ANGRY MOB: A crowd that thronged Kanye magistrate court for Lephutshe’s mention.

The deceased’s grieving sister, Malebogo Ogotseng, 35, as well blamed Lephutshe, who was cohabiting with her brother, for his sudden death.

Meanwhile, Lephutshe’s husband, Happy Musuku, who had filed for divorce before the alleged killing of his love rival says he is not backing down from the divorce as he cannot stay married to a woman who abandoned five children and her husband to move in with a boyfriend.

“The divorce is scheduled for April 24th at the Gaborone High Court” Musuku who was also on the same date set to face his wife’s boyfriend (now deceased), in a P650 000 marriage wrecking suit, has revealed.

Asked to comment on the murder accusations leveled against his estranged wife, Musuku said, “We were together for 20 years and we have five children, but I cannot speak for her, I don’t know her anymore because she has since changed. She is not the same person I married back then.”

Lephutshe deserted her matrimonial home last year to go and live with her boyfriend who had retired last year from the police service to venture into business with his early retirement exit package after graduating from a school of business in Mafikeng, South Africa, where he had been studying part time.

However, in December last year, Musuku made news headlines with allegations reported to the Kanye police that his wife had attempted to kill him by putting poison in his Chibuku.

The allegations however could not be proved so Musuku’s case was eventually thrown out of cour.

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