Love triangle
Love triangle

The late Merafhe’s niece appeals P200 000.00 marriage wrecking fine.

A troubled teacher at Linchwe Junior School on Tuesday appealed a P200 000.00 fine imposed on her by a Mochudi Customary Court for marriage wrecking.

Malebogo Phoebe Merafhe was ordered to pay the money within a year after she was found guilty of wrecking Omphile Powane’s marriage.

The frustrated Powane (33) is said to have dragged Merafhe, who is a niece to the late Vice President Major General Mompati Merafhe before the customary court after the accused woman persistently pursued a love affair with her soldier husband, Thato Powane (34), until a child was born.

Powane told the court that for over two years she pleaded with Merafhe to end the affair with her husband but she persisted until the child who is now 10-months old was born.

Narrating reasons for abandoning his marriage, Thato (the husband), alleged that his wife denied him sex ever since they got married in 2011.

He also revealed that his wife would sleep with him once a month if lucky.

Other reasons were that the wife never cooked nor cared for him.

Maintaining her innocence, Merafhe said she had no idea that her baby’s father was a married man, as he never told her so.

“I only discovered that Thato was married after delivering our child in January this year,” she said.

She added that the marriage was already torn apart as he never saw Thato wearing his wedding ring, not even from his old photographs.

Merafhe also said she recently heard that Powane’s marriage long collapsed before she came into the picture as the woman was dating a bank official.

Speaking to The Voice, the disgruntled wife said she immediately warned Merafhe to stay away from her husband when the illicit affair started in 2013.

“I demand the money from her because she wrecked my marriage. P200.000.00 is not even enough, I should have demanded a million,” she said and added: “All efforts to chase her from my man were futile, but she told me to speak to my husband not her”.

In an interview with The Voice, Kgosi Segale Linchwe who imposed the steep P200.000.00 on Merafhe said the customary court does not have a set limit when it comes to fining offenders.

“We can even charge a convicted marriage wrecker up to a million Pula,” he said.

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Lebogang Senwamadi

A million pula gieeis come on l ene P200 000.00 ha o lebile Ota mo duela k raa hela😢

MacDonald maphosa

ngwana yo o sa utweng molao wa batsadi o utwa wa manong