Love, life and death
Love, life and death

WHITE SKIRT: Hello my friend. Just the person I’m looking for.

I missed this week’s issue of The Voice and you are the perfect person to fill me in.

I hear a woman has been arrested in connection with the missing 11-year-old.

BLUE BLOUSE: Yes my dear it’s true. And the terrible thing about the lady is that she’s the poor boy’s stepmother.

She led the cops to where she had buried him and they exhumed his decomposed body.

WHITE SKIRT: What kind of women does that to a child?

I wondered what kind of demon possessed her and pushed her into doing such an awful thing.

She must be either bewitched or mad.

BLUE BLOUSE: She is not. She is just heartless and evil.

The Voice said the decomposed body was found without the head and arms which suggests she sold them for ritual purposes!

Otherwise how do you explain the missing parts?

WHITE SKIRT: My God! Terrible! The things some women do for money.

BLUE BLOUSE: And rumours say P72, 000 was deposited into her account the day after the child disappeared.

WHITE SKIRT: That’s not worth a life, let alone an innocent little child.

In fact no life is worth any amount of money.

They should hang her and teach others a lesson.

BLUE BLOUSE: I wonder what the kid’s father is thinking.

WHITE SKIRT: I guess he is blaming himself for not realising his love was evil.

BLUE BLOUSE: I pity the poor man. Perhaps he was blinded by love.

WHITE SKIRT: Maybe, but I wonder what kind of a man scorns a woman and then lives with her in the same yard?

MAN IN RED: Love can cloud your judgment my sister. The poor guy must be going through hell right now!

BLUE BLOUSE: You men a generally fooled by the warmth between the thighs, not love.

MAN IN RED: As much as you women can also be fooled by the rhythm in a man’s waist.

A woman in Tati is recovering from a beating by her sons.

They caught her sleeping with a younger man. Their father was away.

WHITE SKIRT: Stop lying!

MAN IN RED: I am not lying. The boys actually had known about the relationship but could do nothing until their mother rented one of the rooms in the homestead to her young lover.

Those in the know say the mum’s toy-boy is years younger than the sons themselves. This must have irked them.


MAN IN RED: Yes. And when her boys caught them with their pants down they beat the hell out of them and threw the boy and his things out of the yard.

BLUE BLOUSE: Serves them right.

WHITE SKIRT: The boys have no respect for their mother? God will judge them harshly.

MAN IN RED: What would you have done had this happened to you?

WHITE SKIRT: Let’s not get personal.

BLUE BLOUSE: Where is the woman now?

MAN IN RED: I hear she has gone to her back parents’ house.

BLUE BLOUSE: And the husband?

MAN IN RED: He is home with his boys.

WHITE SKIRT: I wonder how he feels as he listens to his sons telling him they found a boy riding their mother.

He has no shame. He is as bad as his wife.

His children insult him by beating up their mother and then repeating their tale to him.

(My ride comes and I leave them still engrossed in their talk)

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