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Love is in the air


Celebrities reveal V-Day plans

There’s magic in the air and love is all around us.

February 14 is around the corner and whilst some are excited to celebrate the day there are those who believe it’s just like any other day, hence this Sunday will come and go without a fuss on their part.

Voice Woman had the opportunity to hear some gentleman’s thoughts on the day of love.

Joey Mothibi 29- year- old news reader on Duma FM Morning Show.

“My take is that Valentine’s Day is worth celebrating by those in love. There is this general selfish belief by some couples that every day should be Valentine’s Day, so why recognise this one particular day.

I say scrap that mentality because it’s like saying every day is a new day, then why should one celebrate their birthday, or new years day etc… so I celebrate Valentine’s Day and encourage couples to do that as it’s as special as any day inscribed in the calendar.

Describing himself as a hopeless romantic, Mothibi says he is a ‘sucker’ for love.

“I celebrate the day and shower my other half with gifts, roses, chocolate, good food and a good glass of red.”

Mothibi says when it comes to choosing a partner, looks don’t count but rather it’s the person within that you get to know that matters.

“You may have the hottest person on earth, but if they are negative and nasty to their surroundings, those good looks go to waste. Fortunately for me I got the bonus of a person who is beautiful both in and out. I love a God fearing, career driven, loving lady who believes in the institution of family, marriage and love. Relationships are not easy hence I have respect for couples that are able to stick together even when the going gets tough. A Modimo a le okeletse, I and my partner included.”

Mothibi believes that the pillars for a great relationship are love, tolerance and respect.

“Love your woman, tolerate her imperfections and respect her.


For Siku Shimmy Siku, an Events and Marketing Manager for The Cigar Lounge and a student at Limkokwing University, Valentine’s Day is about showing love to those close to one’s heart.

Siku Shimmy Siku

Planning a special treat for family, friends and one’s partner would be the best way to spend the day says 35 -year -old Siku. Surrounded by females Siku speaks highly of his four sisters.

“I love my siblings and if I was not working on Valentine’s Day I would plan a picnic lunch for my family and friends. Relationships are an investment. Anything that brings you peace has to be nurtured. Memories created on February 14 can lay a foundation for a strong relationship hence making the time and effort to celebrate the important day.”

Siku believes that the day does not have to cost much but encourages that people avail their time. The perfect gift for him would be infinite time.

“It would give me the opportunity to do all I wish to and spend quality time with those I love.”

Siku says love sees no color, shape or form but it helps to have a good looking partner to have babies with.

He says he admires a cousin of his who has been married for 15 years and has four children but is still madly in love.

For Siku this couple that he admires reinforces that communication, patience, less expectations and lots and lots of love making are the key components of a wonderful relationship.

“Be the true version of yourself and your ideal partner will fall in love with you over and over again,” he concludes.


Even though he admits to have been preveiously caught up in the excitement of the popular day, 40 –year- old Gabzfm’s Breakfast with Reg show host, Reginald Tiro Richardson says he long stopped celebrating the day as it has become too commercialised and not so much about celebrating the one you love .

Reginald Richardson
PRACTICAL: Reginald Richardson

“I seldom bother about the day but I have in the past been fortunate to be involved with people who were also not hung up on the day. It made it easy to be myself and not be pressured into doing what everyone else was doing.”

Richardson also points out his difficulty in deciding on what gift and how much to spend especially when buying a gift for a special someone.

“It is such a chore and I go insane while trying to choose the right gift. I really prefer less fuss and wish more people didn’t take the day so seriously. It is disingenuous to opt for one day to show one’s feelings. Love should be celebrated every day.”

Richardson believes that a true relationship is based on friendship and the drive to bring out the best in one’s partner.

“Being able to realise who you are, when with someone is important.”

Even though Richardson believes he has passed the marriage stage, he however wishes to have a family.

“In this day and age, marriage has lost its value and relevance. There is very little respect for the institution. I think we all ought to adjust and make the best of our circumstances without rushing into getting married for the sake of it. One does not need to be married to commit and remain loyal to another. There is integrity and value between two people willing to build and contribute to each other’s growth despite the lack of a piece of paper that enforces this. Even though I may not be much of a romantic, I have my ways. Like many, Richardson admits that looks matter when choosing a partner.

“I am attracted to a pretty face but a smile draws me in. A woman’s appearance is also attractive especially a smaller frame.