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Ballroom dancing couple strong in marriage three years later

FITNESS COUPLE: The Kutshwane's
FITNESS COUPLE: The Kutshwane's

February is a special month for power couple, Kagiso “Kaycee” Kutshwane (35) and his wife Letlhogonolo “Letty” Khutswane (27). The youthful parents of two boys, aged six and two are living a remarkable life rarely found amongst married youngsters.

With Valentine’s Day next Wednesday the Khutshwane family are gearing up to join millions of couples the world over to celebrate the lovers day.
“We got married in February, so its our anniversary month,” said KC.
The Maintenance Operative/Electrical met his would be bride in 2007 in Gaborone during a ballroom practice session.

“I needed a dance partner and someone suggested this young girl. I was a bit reluctant at first, she was a school girl in form four and I was already at tertiary,” he said.
KC’s views however changed after the couple competed together in Francistown at a show dubbed ‘Frolick’.

“We got position one and that was the beginning of a very long dominance in the dance competitions,” he said.
The soft spoken KC reluctantly admits that in 2008, he was secretly in love with his new and young dance partner.

“She was a senior school student and I had to do the right thing because I was the adult in this partnership. However in 2009 after another competition in South Africa we both declared our feelings for each other,” he added with a chuckle.

“We still had to keep our relationship a secret though because it would have raised eyebrows,” chipped in Letty.
When KC completed his studied at Francistown College of Technical and Vocational Education in 2011, Letty had just started her first year at Botswana Accountancy College.

“I went back to Gabz to join her and in 2012 we had our first son Loeto. It was the toughest time in our lives because we were unemployed. We survived on Letty’s P1400 college allowance,” recalled KC.

The couple also narrated how they used to walk from Block nine for ballroom practice at Gaborone West.
“We had no money but there was no way we were going to miss training,” said Letty.

Their lives would however change towards the end of 2012 when KC found a job in Orapa.
“He gained weight within three weeks. I think he weighed about 100kg and I was mad at him for letting himself go like that,” Letty said with disgust written all over her face.

“She was on my case everyday and I made a commitment to focus on my health and lifestyle. I joined aerobics and I never looked back,” KC told The Voice adding that he also made a decision to marry his dance partner.

FAMILY COUPLE: With the kids
FAMILY COUPLE: With the kids

“Well that’s not entirely true. I nagged him. I wanted commitment from him because even at that young age I was ready to commit,” said Letty, setting the record straight.
In 2015, February 28th dowry was paid and the union was formalised.

“We had a traditional wedding. I’m not a fussy person and never wanted a white wedding. I was just happy that he was now officially mine,” Letty added, a nostalgic smile lighting up her face.

As luck would have it the couple entered the Tashy Royal Gardens Wedding in a box competition in 2016 which they won.
“Our second born was two months old and here we had just won ourselves a wedding package worth P65 000,” Letty said.

“We had a white wedding at the gardens with family and friends. It was such a happy ending to our love life and we can’t thank God enough,” she said.

The power couple known for their fitness videos on Facebook plans to launch their own fitness brand in Francistown soon.

“I’ve been focusing on my fitness schedule for far too long and have not been as romantic as I should have been. This year however I have a big surprise for my wife,” KC said without serious conviction.
“That’d be a first, he never gets me anything for Valentine’s,” Letty added rather cheekily.