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Local partners with Kalawa Jazzmee boss

Local partners with Kalawa Jazzmee boss

A Motswana man has turned his love for Kwaito music into a profitable business.

Thabiso Godfrey Molebatsi, who is the owner and founder of Pantsula outlet Hotspot Boutique, has partnered with South African Kwaito legend, Mandla Spikiri Mofokeng of Trompies.

Spikiri, as Mofokeng is known, is also a co-owner of Kalawa Jazzmee Productions.

Talking to Big Weekend, Molebatsi said that as someone who grew up loving Kwaito, it is sad to see the genre’s current decline.

“I decided to form a company that sells Kwaito related items, from All Stars, Dickies and Brand Woods.

I also sell Kwaito music to revive it,” he explained, adding the move has been welcomed by Batswana who are fed up with fake brands.

For his part, Spikiri expressed his confidence the partnership will benefit both sides.

“I will now focus more on music while my partner does marketing and distribution of my products.”