Living on a prayer
Living on a prayer

The stand-off between President Mokgweetsi Masisi and former President Ian Khama is said to be driving fear into a lot of BDP candidates who have openly supported the current president.

Apparently most used to be Khama’s party singers but immediately changed tune even before Khama bade the people farewell.

After his departure some BDP members openly criticised his leadership style and hailed Masisi as a saviour who’d restore order.

However, after Khama flexed his muscle in Bobirwa where he openly decampaigned Minister of Defence, Justice and Security Shaw Kgathi, the praise signers have toned down, others opting to sit on the fence.

A young man whose rise to the top shocked many in political circles as he beat seasoned politicians to represent the BDP in 2019 was overheard recently saying, “There’s nothing we can do when Khama seems to be coming back. We are now living on prayer.”

Well Shaya’s advise to Masisi is that he should be wary of such praise singers. Who knows, they may be exalting a different name after 2019!

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