Home Entertainment Limkokwing University features Botswana at London Fashion Week

Limkokwing University features Botswana at London Fashion Week

Limkokwing University features Botswana at London Fashion Week
BOLD: Models showcasing some of the "Date Night" - themed designs

In a bold and inspired move, the Limkokwing University of Creative Technology made it’s third appearance at London Fashion Week as the only Asian and African university invited to showcase on the prestigious platform.

The Internet shook with news of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2nd rightfully attending her first-ever fashion show with Vogue’s Anna Wintour at the same venue, the grand and mysterious Freemason’s Hall, standing in the centre of Covent Garden.

Applying first class competitiveness to old world charm

The theme for this year’s show “Date Night,” alluded to a romantic modern mood between long distance lovers. Students with the design team produced slim silhouettes from old ideas sourced from Borneo, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Cambodia, Thailand, Iran, Botswana, Sierra Leone and Swaziland.

“Limkokwing is a very unique network of talent. There was no way we would pass up the chance to say something about how we live and exchange ideas. This collection should represent us as close-knit collaborators,” Creative Director and University Vice President of Brand Creativity & Talent Development Dato’ Tiffanee Marie Lim says.

“The far-hidden underdogs/the so-called underdeveloped are sometimes the most imaginative. We loved exploring these cool people in special towns like Jogjakarta, Angkor, Gaborone, then asked what if we were headed to the Royal Albert Hall or out for lobster spaghetti with the loves of our live”

International shows have become habit for the industry-led Limkokwing curriculum for the Fashion Design, Sound Design and Event Management students.

Through accelarators such as the in-house label Limkokwing Fashion Club, students are given the opportunity to grow ideas and create global innovations.
Industry Entrepreneurship in Education

A wonderous multicultural enviornment on campuswas designed to give all students a specialcreative advantage. The inspiring ecosystem celebrates cyltural diversity, encourages talents and brings out the best ideas.

Those values stem from Founder President Honourable Professor Emeritus Tan Sri Dr Limkokwing’s push in applied skills training, Limkokwing University offers the latest programmes and exposes its students beyond the norm through initiatives such as this.

“Our students posses the most sophisticated tools and always dominate when they apply themselves,” The Father of Innovation and National Brand Strategist said.

Exposing Batswana Craft and Young Talent to the World Stage

It is worth noting that this year’s Limkokwing’s collection featured some modern designs that were created with Botswana’s most loved German Print fabric with the aim of promoting it to the world.

Limkokwing University features Botswana at London Fashion Week 2
Limkokwing University features Botswana at London Fashion Week 2

With efforts to contribute towards the creative industry in Botswana, Limkokwing University in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth Empowerment, Sport & Culture Development saw two young and upcoming Batswana models who had won past Presidents Day Fashion Model National Competitions namely Teto Macheng and Gaonaope Thato Muyoba participate in this once in a lifetime opportunity.

It was both models’ first time to traveling outside Africa, let alone strut their stuff on an international ramp with fashion icons and industry captains watching, an experience they said would last them a lifetime.

Representing Botswana at the event was Botswana High Commission First Secretary Mr. Omolemo Selato as well as the BITC Executive Director Mr. Moemedi Mokgosi who highlighted they were excited by the two models perfomance as well as the use of African fabrics in the collection.

For more than a decade Limkokwing University has been showcasing world-class collections in Paris, Osaka, Chengdu, Jakarta, Singapore, Cambodia, Botswana and all around Malaysia. They accepted an invitation to New York for later this year.

In 2012 Limkokwing University in collaboration with the Botswana British High Commission hosted the “Creativity in Motion”, fashion show organised by the British Fashion Council as part of London Fashion Fashion Week in the International Fashion Showcase Emerging Talent Award where Batswana local designers showcase ethnic designs in an event that was a spectacle never seen before.