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Letter from Zim; of presidential biscuits & snacks

Letter from Zim; of presidential biscuits & snacks

There is never a dull moment in Zimbabwe for those who follow politics and current affairs.

While the main stream media (both private and public press) and social media were still buzzing about how former vice president Joice Mujuru had blundered in her interview with the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) programme Hard Talk early this week, on Wednesday we woke up to the news that President Mugabe had donated biscuits and packets of dry snacks to floods victims in Matabeleland.

Yes, the head of state made that donation. Forget about the basics and important things such as mealie- meal and blankets that come in handy in such situations, Uncle Bob decided that biscuits and those cheap snacks that cost $1 for three are the new basics.

Oh and by the way, he also donated mineral water so that after munching the solids they can ‘wash down’ with bottled water.

Very thoughtful of him, isn’t it? And sure he expects votes from these people after giving them these presidential goodies.

Anyway back to Mujuru, if she doesn’t go back to the drawing board, she might as well have started digging her political grave.

Ever since the formation of her political outfit which was initially called Zimbabwe People First before it recently changed to National People’s Party she has been trying to sell herself to the masses ahead of next year’s election.

Her problem is that she is very economic with the truth and thinks she can take people for fools and make them believe she was fighting in the masses’ corner while in government.

Never in her 35 years in government did she criticize her principal or the ruling party yet she now claims that’s the reason she left the party.

Who doesn’t know that she was booted out of Zanu PF for being overzealous? Who doesn’t know that she and her late husband own assets and a vast business empire worth billions of dollars?

Who doesn’t know that she, like many others turned a blind eye to the Matabeleland atrocities which resulted in the killings of more than 20 000 civilians in the early 80s, yet with her head held high she walked into the BBC studios to claim she is a poor widow with only one house and a farm and to absolve herself of any wrong doing. Shame on her!

The good thing is that she left the studio with her tail in between her legs as she was grilled and presented with facts that she was no saint and thus should stop pretending to be one.

For all we know, if she wasn’t kicked out she would still be ‘eating’ and lining her pockets and not caring a hoot about ordinary Zimbos.

And in other news, revered businessman Strive Masiyiwa has dismissed rumours that he will lead a coalition of opposition parties to challenge Mugabe during next year’s election.

His name always crops up in conversations and talks about a future leader.

He also made the situation worse when late last year he wrote on his Facebook page that he will make a huge announcement early this year.

There was a speculation frenzy that the bombshell would be his decision to take up a political office, a thing which he has since dismissed.

I guess this goes to show how people seem to be fed up with the current crop of politicians in both the ruling Zanu PF and opposition parties so much that many wish for a neutral person who has not been directly part of the political circus to take up the reigns.