FILE PIC: Masisi

Botswana’s first Lady, Neo Masisi, has urged society to change its views of issues of infertility.

Masisi made this remark yesterday (Monday) during the 5th edition of Merck Africa Asia Luminary in Dakar Senegal.

The conference is attended by 10 African first ladies including Masisi, 15 ministers of health and more than 500 healthcare providers, academia, policy makers from Asia and Africa.

Botswana’s Minister of Health and Wellness, Dr Alfred Madigele, is also attending the event.

First Ladies this week gathered in Dakar to work on a strategy to build healthcare capacity and provide the necessary training to establish strong platforms of experts in diabetes, hypertension, cancer and fertility care in their countries in collaborations with ministries of health.

Masisi said usually when a couple fails to have a baby the society always puts the blame on a woman although it may be the man’s problem.

She said a large number of women still view the completeness of a woman as being substantiated by being a mother which should not be the case.

“For a married woman the couple has pressures from both woman’s family and her in-laws. In our set up in-laws are a major part of our family. The husband will also blame the woman and in extreme cases will bear children under the small house arrangements. All these pressures similar to the case of a single woman lead to negative feelings. Society need to encourage men to discuss issues of infertility openly,” said Masisi

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