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LEGiT presents legacy of Punk and Ivy


LEGiT’s proud and defiant statement, “Don’t Tell Me What To Wear”, has become the mantra for Gaborone’s savvy young women who definitely know what they want.

They know that with every new season the iconic brand gives them another reason to stake their individuality with a fresh range of fashion-forward items.

And with a series of unique and inspiring collaborations already under its very stylish belt, LEGiT has teamed up with more unconventional designers.

LEGiT has promised that their Winter capsule campaign will be exciting and special.

The ambassador in question is genre-defying innovators Punk & Ivy and there’s collaboration taken further by introducing an illustrator and sought-after typographer into the mix.

This all comes together in a red-hot campaign that will turn Winter way up and take the whole “Don’t Tell Me” narrative into a new and challenging space.

Punk & Ivy is the love child of Jozi couple Bianca and Khaya Sibiya, a meeting point for each of their individual fashion and design experiences.

They’ve made a massive mark on the local scene, with Bianca’s background as a Digital Marketing specialist and

Khaya’s creative and styling services for various high-profile brands making them a fashion power-couple.

Since Punk & Ivy was formed in 2012, they’ve been producing uniquely African-inspired sports luxe and
Street-wear, with an androgynous twist.

LEGiT buyers are forever travelling the world, hunting down trends and ensuring that South African women have the best in global fashion.

As such, the Punk & Ivy 4 LEGiT range takes its inspiration from the streets.

The daytime feel is casual and informed by global travels and raw tribal prints in black, white, burgundy and mustard, with denim completing.

Ocean Ngobeni, LEGiT’s Marketing Manager, is incredibly excited by this new range, “LEGiT is motivated by a need to provide fashion solutions for our customers in Africa. The expansion into Africa is a priority for the LEGiT brand and we endeavor to fulfill our customers’ fashion appetite as well as ensure that the collaborations continue to be relevant to South Africa and the rest of the continent,” she enthuses.

“We use multiple touch points like digital interaction, in-store displays and activations to give a complete, cutting-edge fashion experience. We are all about executing true fast fashion. We do this throughout our 202 stores in all nine South African provinces, across the South African Development Community and even further expansions are on the cards for Ghana with additional stores in Zambia.”