In world where it seems there is never enough time to do everything, it is truly inspiring to come across individuals who seem to have it all figured out.

Their hectic schedules take them from family commitments, boardrooms, social engagements and personal interests.

They seem to glide through, making great impressions with each role they play.

Voice Woman gets up close to two women to discuss work life balance and their drive to succeed.

CEO of a leading life insurer, which is also the largest by market share life insurance business in Botswana, Catherine Lesetedi – Letegele

Despite her illustrious career, Catherine Banabotlhe Lesetedi – Letegele says, “I am yet to get to the top of my game, I am still learning a lot about myself, about leadership and about life. Work life balance is an illusion and therefore difficult to attain, for me it is about prioritizing the things that are close to my heart. It is about knowing that professionally I love what I do and acknowledging that the long hours I spend at work are worth it. It is also about spending time with my family and those who are dear to me and creating time for my hobbies. Letegele believes that taking time off to connect with what matters is important. Work life balance is therefore not how much time I spend at the office in comparison to other priorities, but it is about ensuring that I am spending enough time doing things which matter to me”.

She cites her pillars as her husband and a few tight friends who she regards as sisters.

“Nothing of significance was ever achieved by one person”.

The vivacious leader is driven by making a difference both on the work front and getting involved with community projects.

“For me, success is all about personal growth. I am therefore a lifelong student of life. Ultimately success for me is how well I inspire others to reach their highest potential. We are all temporarily here on earth, and I personally would want my success to be measured on my contribution to others growth and development. My joy is seeing people around me grow to become great, become more confident in what they do and achieve their highest levels of excellence. It is also about helping my kids and husband to reach their highest potential. This is very dear to me. I sincerely believe that we are created in God’s image, we just come in different shades and sizes, and that we all have the potential to be successful in whatever we set out to achieve. The problem is most of us are chasing other people’s dreams. One must know themselves, define their dreams, chase them with passion, and not forget to smile when they fall”.

Lesetedi – Letegele says there is never enough time to get all one wishes to achieve hence the importance of making every minute count and not apologising to anyone for wanting to be more.

“ As a mother, a wife, an aunt, a daughter and a business leader I wear so many different hats; it is easy to lose myself. However, someday I would love to retire to a farmhouse (minus the farm animals), with all the modern looks and endless walkways, flowers everywhere, a beautiful spot from which I can watch the sunset. Where I can perhaps write a memoir, host tea parties but mostly be in a place that reflects my personality.”
Boitshwarelo Lebang

PHENOMENAL WOMAN: Boitshwarelo Lebang
PHENOMENAL WOMAN: Boitshwarelo Lebang


“I love a life that is colorful and made up of interesting pieces which fit into each other perfectly like an artistic puzzle”. Says Boitshwarelo Lebang

“I fancy myself as a pursuer of dreams and I am completely against the notion of being pigeon holed, I define myself in the whole. On the professional front I am the Head of Marketing Communications. Being passionate about taking care of the whole has also led me to Image and Lifestyle consultancy, which is a deep passion of mine. My formal job is also really about image optimization although at a corporate level and I thoroughly enjoy my work.

A perfectionist by nature, Lebang’s journey both professionally and personally have her pursuing a purposeful life.

Stating that she is motivated by the endless opportunities she sees every day and the dream of “having it all” and leading a fulfilling balanced life.

“I am a perennial optimist with a realist alter ego. The optimist says “it’s possible” and the realist says “you have to work for it”.

Lebang is continuously devising winning strategies for her illustrious list of clientele.

An avid advocate for the proponent of balance, Lebang believes work – life balance is achievable.

“Without equilibrium everything collapses. We just have to be realistic and accept that the pie chart of life and priorities keep shifting depending on where one is in life. I tend to work as hard as I play and I am happiest when I am with people I care about just being myself doing activities I am passionate about which also include my job. On the job front I guess it is a question of passion colliding with career”.

She shares her greatest life lesson taught at a young age that hard work pays. “By hard work I mean putting in your all, and taking calculated steps towards achieving what you want. I say go big or go home.

“We all aspire for different things and we should not have the world dictate a distinctive definition for success hence I believe success is a measure one’s achievement of their own goals. True happiness only comes as a result of pursuing that which speaks to one’s soul. Happiness is a great indicator of success”.

Even though Lebang has many loving and caring people around her that truly believe in her and support her in different forms, she singles her mom as an amazing pillar of support.

“I am told I take after her because I am very supportive by nature. I have many top moments in my game. I register a high when I exceed my own and the standard expectation in overcoming challenging situations. To me challenges are opportunities in need of a makeover and they drive me”.

With everyone deserving some down time, the two ladies share their loves that include travel, fine dining and for Lesetedi – Letegele, wine too.

There is nothing that beats a champagne breakfast with classical music in the background.

Fashion conscious, Lebang says, “show me a girl who hates shopping. It all goes back to lifestyle and image.”

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