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mr famous footballer (r) rocking his afro and LV shirt, while the buddy in the middle looks like a lost pimp

Pheeewww, it has been a while since I got fashioned up on pen and paper to the Fashionista page lovers! My apologies, your girl is on her second month in her favourite city in the whole wide world, LAGOS!
Chaotic as this city maybe, it simply is addictive in its madness, which comes with so much energy, vibe and the opportunities to dream big and make a hell lot of bucks! One of the few countries in my continent where the Entertainment industry is taken very seriously and runs the heartbeat of the city.

There’s never a dull moment as the Lagosians party it up 7-days a week, the lounges and clubs cater for all clientele on a daily basis, you make your pick and have a blast. My most memorable times have got to be the weekend nights, where boys and girls dress up and hit their hotspots.

other than the fact that ther's always that not so pretty girlfriend in the pack,you got to love the sailor colours outfit

Chrome nightclub, which is only a month old, has got to be my favourite by far, not because I’ve come to know the owner, and so get some VVIP treatment, haha! But because there’s a certain clientele of regular patrons that carry themselves and their style with that air of confidence that a lot of people lack.
One of the past weekends, I happened to attend the after-party of the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria (MBGN) – equivalent to Miss Botswana pageant, held at this spot. Big media gurus, soccer players, models and former beauty queens were all letting it down, in their latest designer ensembles.

a common accessory.hot young things and a good not looking human ATM

Common in the VVIP lounges were the mini-dresses, weaves, lots of make-up, sugar-daddies footing the champagne bills, with cigars in their mouths and the young swagger boys looking up with aspiration to get to the top, while their dates eyed their counterparts with girl-envy that we the females can smell miles away, haha! Thus the root of the ‘work hard, play hard,’ Naija spirit!!!