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Koma’s Tombstone Unveiled


Leader of opposition and Umbrella for Democratic Change president, Duma Boko says he will hand over leadership if opposition loses elections in 2019.

Speaking at Dr Kenneth Koma’s tombstone unveiling ceremony in Mahalapye this morning, Boko said; ” I assure you in 2019 the government will change. I have no doubt. If we don’t take government I will hand baton to someone else. What we want to do for Koma is launch a campaign never seen before,” he said.

Boko further urged opposition members to have integrity like Koma whom he likened to Socrates.

He added that Koma turned down top job offers from government because he understood the worth of life is measured according to contribution to society.


  1. Comrade President of BNF & UDC, we salute this greatest effort. This event has seen many leadership’s procrastination over years, and I am so thrilled when I see the pictures in the papers. I should have attended if it was not for weekend formal duty. Dr KK was selfless, visionary and an academic. He was a rare breed of beings in our country. He was mocked and looked down upon by Botswana citizens due to bad mouthing and fear by the authority as far back as 1980 when I started opening my political eyes. The authority of Botswana managed to perpetuate disrespect for a man who could have saved many from the wrath of capitalism, it is almost like what the people did to JESUS in the biblical times. What I know is that they did not kill his mission in doing political education to many people of Botswana, and even taught a lot in the ruling BDP who were living in the darkness about simple concepts such as "Free and compulsory education for citizens". He was a true revolutionary leader. May his spirit rest in abundant peace because BNF & UDC members are still remembering him…….. THAKAA!!!!!