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Knives out for Grace Mugabe

Knives out for Grace Mugabe

Former first lady Grace Mugabe must be quaking in her boots following pronouncement that she is no longer immune to arrest.

The once feared Grace, who chastised grown men in public, reducing them to small boys, seized land leaving many homeless and beat up a South African model but never faced any charges is set to face humiliation as these enemies and more that she created during her powerful days seem to be bracing up for the day she will stand in the dock.

While the grown men that she humiliated in public, who include President Emmerson Mnangagwa and government spokesperson George Charamba will never press charges as her conduct towards them was no criminal offence, these two will no doubt be happy to have Grace arrested.

In fact they can even pull strings from behind to make sure she is humiliated since it is Mnangangwa himself who pronounced that the former first lady could now face arrest.

Villagers who lost their property and were left homeless when Grace took over their farm to expand her Mazowe Empire, which include a dairy company, private school and an orphanage are reportedly preparing to sue her for forceful eviction.

Back in the days, what Grace wanted, Grace got but now chickens are coming home to roost, as the power that she wielded is no more.

No wonder the Reformed Church in Zimbabwe has also renewed its efforts to get back a piece of land in the posh suburb of Borrowdale which they claim was forcefully taken from them by Grace.

In South Africa, model Gabriella Engels who was last year assaulted by Grace with an electric chord says she also looks forward to getting justice now that Grace has been reduced to an ordinary woman.

She was quoted in the local press saying her lawyers are working on making sure that Grace faces the music.

This also reminds me of words attributed to Father Fidelis Mukonori, a close confidante of Mugabe who also mediated between the army and the former president when he was forced to step down.

The cleric was quoted saying Zimbabweans would do justice to Grace when Mugabe dies, for he too knows that the former first lady was never a likeable character.

For now, out of respect for Mugabe, the powers that be may not be too hard on Grace but the moment her husband dies, she must run for dear life.

In other news, opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai is set to surpass former president Robert Mugabe in terms of number of times he has ‘died’.

While still in power, Mugabe used to ‘die’ every January until he proclaimed that he must be a super being, far more superior to Jesus as he had risen several times from the dead.

This followed fake news that was churned out every now and again that he had died while on his end of year annual leave, only for him to come back home alive and well.

As for Tsvangirai, I have lost the number of times he has ‘died’ in the last few months.

What is most sickening about this fake news especially with his latest death is that someone inhumanly composed a fake radio announcement, which was circulated on social media.

In as much as the opposition leader is a public figure, whose life is of interest to the public, I personally think it is heartless to go to such extremes.

The man might be incapacitated due to colon cancer but he surely does not deserve to be pronounced dead while still alive, in fact it is inhumane to do so and these sick purveyors of fake news should stop it.