Killed for nothing
WRONG TARGET: Thato Meswele


Two years after the death of a 35-year-old woman in Oodi, pieces of the puzzle have come together to reveal a dark and evil murder plot involving a greedy husband.

Thato Meswele was hit with a blunt object on the head while fetching water from the village tap on September 10, 2015 at Lekgwarapana ward in Oodi.

She died from a deep gaping wound on the head four days later at Princess Marina hospital in Gaborone.

Appearing in court this week, one of Meswele’s suspected killers, Hamadi Mkhuha confessed to the murder.

Mkhuha revealed that him and his friend, not before the court were contracted by his co-accused, Earnest Legwale, 43 to kill his wife who was also Meswele’s sister Dimpho Legwale, but they mixed the two women’s identities and ended up killing the wrong woman.

Killed for nothing

The self confessed hired killer and the accused husband, appeared in Broadhurst Magistrate court on Thursday to answer to charges of murder.

Allegations are that Legwale wanted his estranged teacher wife dead so that he could claim all her employee benefits from Alexander Forbes financial services group before she could divorce him.

The hit men however blundered and targeted Meswele who was Dimpho’s look alike younger sister.

Confirming the arrest of the two men, Detective Senior Superintendent Sergeant Marapo said police were however still in search of the third accused who was at large.

Meanwhile Dimpho said she was not shocked at the allegations that her husband had ordered the murder because he had threatened to kill her before.

” When I told him that I wanted a divorce after 10 years of marriage, he angrily told me that if I dared file for divorce before I finished paying our house mortgage, he would kill me. Following that threat several attempts were made on my life until I booked myself in a shelter for abused women for months. One of the attacks involved a gun wielding man who pounced on me when I was entering our house and pointed the gun at me. Luckily I fought back and he dropped the gun and I escaped.” said Dimpho.

Killed for nothing
RELIEVED: Dimpho Legwale

Expressing relief concerning the arrest of her younger sister’s killers, Dimpho told of how she had given up on the case but was now happy that finally the suspects have been nabbed.

“I have fasted, I have prayed and I have begged God to have these killers arrested and God has answered my prayers. I just can’t tell you how much I’m relieved that arrests have been made although it has opened old wounds.” said the traumatised woman.

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