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Khama sues govt over Kgosi

Khama sues govt over Kgosi
HEAD ON: Masisi and Khama

•What they did is illegal- Khama

•Khama uses Boko to take Masisi head on

In a landmark case that could shake President Mogweetsi Masisi’s administration to the core, former President Ian Khama is taking the current administration to court for its refusal to allow him to employ Isaac Kgosi as his private secretary.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with The Voice this week, Khama revealed that he has already issued a letter of demand to govt for the refusal to appoint the former president’s long time ally and close friend, the former Director General of the Directorate of Intelligence Services (DIS) Isaac Kgosi as his private secretary.

“I am entitled to a private secretary, I sent his (Kgosi’s) name because he is free, and he is not working for government. Presidents, Vice Presidents, Ministers, all choose their Private secretaries because they are people you have to be able to work closely with. Even a member of parliament, his constituency administrator is chosen by the MP, that is the practice, so I too have the same right. I sent his(Kgosi name they said no, not him. I asked why they said no, and there were no reasons,” Khama said with concern written all over his face.

He continued, “I have engaged a lawyer to issue a demand that they must give reasons why or else he(Kgosi) must be put in place,” Khama said and went on to reveal that the lawyer he engaged to issue the demand is none other than UDC leader, Duma Boko.

When commenting on the dramatic and humiliating removal of Kgosi as the DG in May Khama said, “When it comes to colonel Kgosi he worked for about 40 years in Government and with distinction. He worked in the army, as my Private secretary and he then headed up and built up the DISS to what it is today and just like I was being discredited at every opportunity so was he. I suspect that the attempts to discredit him were aimed at me because of his perceived close association with me.”

Describing the firing of Kgosi as illegal, the former president further stated that, “I have no reason to understand because none has been given to me, why he was removed the way he was, those who removed him never ever during my Presidency ever expressed concern about him. A few weeks before I left office he was awarded and in consultation with those who subsequently fired him.”

“It is very strange, so I believe this had something to do with me and our association than him as an individual. When someone has worked for 40 years and is given one day to wind up, that in my opinion and government practice is illegal. I believe because he has told me, he has taken the matter to his lawyers.”

Khama further defended Kgosi to say “If someone has done nothing wrong and you want to get rid of someone before his time you should say to them that they must show cause why he should not be removed, natural justice, you can’t just call somebody in the presence of armed guards and say you have one day and go, but that’s what they did and I think thats because of his association with me.”

59- year old Kgosi who was dubbed the ‘most powerful man’ in Botswana was dramatically removed from his position by Masisi back in May, seven days after Masisi was sworn in as President.

Masisi instantly hired Kgosi’s long time adversary Brigadier Peter Magosi to replace him.

The case will be the first of its kind in Botswana where a former President takes the current to court.