THANKFUL: Khama receiving the award

Former President, Lieutenant General Dr Seretse Khama Ian Khama, was this week presented with an award by the Global Alcohol Policy Alliance (GAPA) and Southern African Alcohol Policy Alliance (SAAPA) for his noble gesture against alcohol abuse.

When accepting the award, Khama urged the nation to intensify its efforts in curbing substance abuse.

He further expressed concern that often times the burden is left to Government and organizations such as BOSANet to address, while everyone is directly or indirectly affected.

“Many Batswana were not happy with the changes I made to the Alcohol levy, and some had asked me to drop the levy but I refused to the point where I didn’t mind losing the elections because it was my responsibility in ensuring the good health and welfare of Batswana,” said the Former president.

Khama showed his appreciation by thanking BOSANet, GAPA and SAAPA as they recognized the efforts he was making with the alcohol levy.

He went on to express that if people are not careful, alcohol abuse has a potential for destroying the nation.

He further stated that alcohol and drug abuse is negatively affecting students through poor performance, frequent absence, accidents in schools, suspension from school even expulsion.

He said drugs can also make people anti-social as they tend to misbehave towards others, decreased social reputation and rejection from family and friends.

He added that communicable disease including HIV/AIDS can be spread through alcohol and drug abuse as research has shown.

In conclusion, Khama reminded those that drink alcohol that they will not derive any benefit from the habit.

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