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“Khama is not God”-Gudu

BLUNT: Richard Gudu

Botswana People’s Party (BPP) Chairperson, Richard Gudu has accused president Ian Khama of behaving as if he is more powerful than God.

Speaking at an Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) rally in Mochudi East Constituency on Sunday, Gudu blamed Batswana for elevating a mere mortal like Khama to the status of a holy deity, and planting into the president’s head the idea that this country was his to do as he pleases with.

“There was lot of hype and high expectations when Khama became the president but he did the opposite as he ruled this country just the way Robert Mugabe the dictator did in Zimbabwe. “He thinks he is more powerful than God,” said Gudu who has been speaking at UDC rallies despite the BPP President, Motlatsi Molapisi’s reluctance for the party to be seen at such political gatherings.

Gudu lamented that even when the country was going through a recession, Khama kept on misusing state funds through useless purchases that seemed to benefit him personally like a new presidential jet.

“ Instead of implementing his ‘4D’ road map he spoke of when he took office in 2008, Khama changed the first ‘D’ which stood for Democracy to Dictatorship and the second ‘ D’ which was for Dignity to something else.

“We saw poor people being humiliated by being paraded on national television receiving blankets and food hampers for the first time in our history during Khama’s era.”

Speaking for the first time as Botswana Movement for Democracy’s President following the previous party president, Sidney Pilane’s resignation, Nehemiah Modubule lambasted the government for “creating a nation of drunkards. Government frustrates its people to a point where they find alcohol as the only alternative. Many people engage in binge drinking because of stress while other commit crime to feed themselves.”