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Khama appoints junior ministers


Motowane, Somolekae, Seretse

President Ian Khama Seretse Khama acted swifty to appoint Maxwell Motowane as the assistant Minister of Local government, a day after Kentse Rammidi resigned from the position.

Motowane who was the assistant Minister of Trade and Industry was replaced by Vincet Seretse who was transferred from the Ministry of Finance and development Planning.

Dr Gloria Somolekae was appointed to replace Seretse as the assistant Minister of Finance and Development Planning.

The announcement was made on Wednesday afternoon by the office of the President.


  1. bo Semolekae, e le gone a tlang fela legone e le special, o setse a le mo cabineteng, nxe, ke mathata no wonder waitse!

  2. Rammidi wa tsamaya today, Rammidi wa replaciwa kamoso. Ramadeluka wa tsamaya, ngwaga swaa tii go sena replacement. Tota gatwe gare go tsene eng mo Botswana? Mme legale ba bone, DCEC e tla e ba setse morago

  3. A ko le mphitise ha lona batho ba transparency and good governance: Vincent Seretse- assistant minister of trade and industry. Just out of curiosity,
    Rose Seretse: Director DCEC
    Ndelu Seretse: MP, serowe North and former minister of defence and security,
    Tebelelo Seretse: Ambassador to USA.
    Doreen Khama: Manager at De Beers.
    Are these people all related to each other and HE. Seretse Khama Ian Khama and why are they all up there? And why are we still having an acting minister in the post Ndelu resigned from. Is he the next VP in waiting? So how are we ever going to conquer nepotism and corruption when it is done where everyone can see it? Is the person appointing these people realize there is a pattern or maybe this person does not care what the public thinks? Why is there no one at all in the advisory who is questioning this? Can we hope that this trend will end with this regime and that in the future posts will be given on merit and not on the basis of family relations? Let’s hope so. God have mercy on our nation.

  4. waitse motho yo wa afro otletse matlakala ele gore bone batho bao o ya go ba duela ka eng while are madi ga ayo bt legale re ta reng ka le bone ke malope ba bata go oketsa corruption entseng e le teng

  5. @Rarefri, though i do not rule out nepotism, the people you mentioned are people of great experience and high intellect who i believe qualify in their various appointments. The Ndelu issue will haunt the president for a very long time just like the precedent he set with Guma Moyo & Kwelagobe. Now he has no way out, he has to follow this principle, now watch as the pressure mount on Matambo to step down. Apparently the president is being advised and in most cases he goes against the advice to his own detriment, as it has now proved most of his personal judgements are poor. Take in the case of the on-going strike, he was advised to stay quite about the government position and let the negotiation team handle it, in view of giving the government the leverage to review its position with what unfold on the ground & he did the opposite. Now on the succession plan thats another hot issue that might split the BDP again. You remember some information was leaked sometime back that the plan was to replace Merafhe with a more trusted and most likely a person who will not raise more questions & Mokaila was the man, he comes from south and that will appease the tribalists who say power is concentrated in the north. Mokaila will them make Ndelu his VP with a view of a short-lived reign so Ndelu could take over & a neutral person will be Ndelu’s VP with a view of having that person rope in Tshekedi somehow. The idea is to keep power as close as possible to the Khamas. This succession plan apparently fell through after a leak & intervention by BDP bigwigs questioning the motive. Now whoever succeeds president Khama, is going to be a dirty & probably an ugly power struggle BDP has ever experienced. The Ngwako/Masire power struggle will seem like a walk in the park. The most dangerous of it all in this dirty games are the strong believe that BDP will rule for a very long time & you can imagine what might happen should it become clear that they will lose power. As well within the ruling circle, Batswana are known as a docile society that questions nothing & if they do, they easily forget. Sorry for a long contribution but couldn’t do it in 2 sentences.

  6. Interesting theory Ty_M! Why is Matambo, after being drafted by the president into politics when he was just out there minding his own business, now suddenly targeted if he wont be brought down by the consequences of his alleged misdemeanor? Tribalists!? Is what is going on in our politics different from what goes on out there? Jostling for power is inherent in politics even in opposition camps! Conspiracy theories abound and will continue! What matters to some us is what is done for our fellow citizens by that leadership! Is there any leader who will not be docked by conspiracy of one form or other? No! Look around the world!

  7. tota bo mathambo le bone ba rata dilo o a bo a ne a irisa kitso ya gagwe ya di togamaano bontle ko a neng a le teng now o itshentse leina ka maswe a donmkraga ,waitse nna ke eletsa batswana bohle ba ka bula mahlo gongwe 2014 one a ka re solegela molemo after the long struggle,nke jeke e we bathonh go ntse go lekane re ikutlwetse gare matebele no man!

  8. The very same people have been recycling themselves since independence, my question is will they ever give other people chance in those ministries/positions who really have credential, e.g today you have X as minister of agriculture, following year you have same X again as minister of finance don’t they get tired??

  9. @Lord
    Aint’t that the truth! Politics is just another boys’ club. They would never put anybody in there who is just good at his work and cares about the country. This trend has always been prevalent and I don’t see Iam Khama escaping it. He is bringing in his friends and relatives, some og whom failed where they were before and they are brought in the cabinet to fulfill a past promise. Even in the opposition, if they were to win elections, we would be naive to imagine that they would field ministers based on their excellence. No. It will be based on how well known they are or if they satisfy the standard set by the rulers and not by the general population. So setswana se a itse, ha se re manong a ja ka lesika.