OUTGOING: Khama viewing his presents

On Friday at his farewell tour in Francistown, outgoing President Ian Khama raised every farmer’s hopes with a sublime announcement that local farmers would soon reap good rewards for remaining loyal to Botswana Meat Commission.

Although the president did not come out clearly on what cattle owners should expect from BMC, Khama was adamant that things will soon change for the better at BMC.

“Cabinet is going to make a decision on BMC in February and it will benefit all farmers,” said Khama much to a deafening applause by the elated crowd.

“We are working on something, but don’t tell anyone because this will be announced by the minister responsible,” he said.

The President made this announcement after retired Judge Mpaphi Phumaphi challenged him to fight on the farmers corner following his newly acquired status of a cattle baron, thanks to the cattle and livestock accumulated during the farewell tour.

BMC has been a source of nightmare for many farmers in the country, grappling with cash flow problems and making it difficult to pay farmers on time.

Besides the clogged cash flow stream BMC also has to deal with stringent export market conditions, particularly from the European Union which is the largest consumer of Botswana beef products.

In the meantime, farmers wait with bated breath to see what BMC has in store for them.

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