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Kgosikgolo musical to wow London

Kgosi Kgolo musical to wow London
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Dance group headed for the UK stage

A 40- member dance group with a debut musical piece dubbed “Kgosi Kgolo The musical” is headed for an 11-day visit to the United Kingdom; to showcase and raise the Botswana Flag high.

The group- Tswana Sanctified Voices (TSV) which is only in its infancy having only been fully operational since last year- is expected to showcase their Kgosi Kgolo musical from April 26 to May 6 in the cities of London and Newcastle respectively.

Speaking in an interview, one of the group’s founding members Ralph Dennison explained that the idea of the community youth choir and performers came after they identified the gap on the lack of infusion of both the traditional and modern dance together with acting in the local scene.

“The idea really was that we had talents from acting, dancing and choreography. We figured we should infuse that and mix with both the old and the new musical trends,” he said.

Dennison further explained that the Kgosi Kgolo musical chronicled the activities of the lifestyle of a chieftaincy heir from his days as a prince until he is ultimately crowned chief of a village.

“In the musical we basically act out and sing about a young prince before his initiation to the throne. We act out the Letsema, Harvest (Thobo), Letlhafula, a traditional wedding and all the like but also infuse a bit of a modern touch to the act,” Denisson explained.

TSV is a group of young Batswana founded in 2016.

It comprises of a group of young people from the city of Gaborone and its outskirts who use their craft and talents to provide a platform for youth development in performing arts.

At the invitation of Thames Concerts through its connections they hope to make the best out of the international exposure.

Thames Concerts has in the past provided an opportunity for local youth orchestras and choirs to perform at the international platform for an international audience exposing them to an array of opportunities from this world stage.

he organisation also aims to support musical education via its programme of music.