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Kgoroba speaks out

Kgoroba speaks out
NOT AMUSED: Member of Parliament Sedirwa Kgoroba

The beleaguered Botswana Movement for Democracy (BMD seems to be under threat of being torn apart by deeply entrenched factions.

This week the division deepened and imploded on the face of party members when Mogoditshane Member of Parliament Sedirwa Kgoroba explained in a candid and controversial interview on radio, alleged reasons behind the fights.

Voice Reporter Onneile Setlalekgosi spoke to Kgoroba

Q: Tell us about the BMD factions, any particular reasons behind them?

There is pro Pilane and Anti Pilane Faction. some BMD members have no issues in him joining the party, while some are against his BMD membership.

Advocate Sidney Pilane has a history that he once shared in the media, that he is the Director General of the Directorate of intelligence and Security (DIS) Isaac Kgosi’s Lawyer, and we believe he is not only a lawyer that they have a ‘beyond’ professional relationship.

Kgosi keeps the Machinery of the ruling BDP intelligence, so we do not trust Pilane.

Q: So you believe Pilane has been sent to deliberately cause factions?

Absolutely yes, he has been sent to cause conflict which, if not curbed would eventually destroy the party.

Q: Everyone seems to be BMD spokesperson, what is the role of the Secretary General?

The group who won the Ghanzi elections is the Pro Pilane group, and they rigged elections to win, they are in structures to discuss party issues.

They were voted in Ghanzi because of mischief, so when we the ‘anti Pilane’ report matters to them they ignore us and take no action that’s why we sometimes choose to talk to the media.

Q: So are you saying you have not accepted the 2014 congress results in which Mangole defeated you in running for the BMD Secretary General?

We have not yet accepted the Ghanzi congress results, because Mangole is representing one section of Barata Pilane faction.

He only listens to them and act according to their will, so the Anti-Pilane faction is left without the service of a secretary general.

Q: There has been a faction that you led, Operation Tsaa Puso (OTP) what happened to it?

Yes I led the faction, but it is no longer there, we demolished it. We now have a new faction dubbed ‘Save the BMD’.

During the previous Ghanzi congress, there were BMD members who were following Mangole and Modubule.

So immediately after many people realized their agenda of sneaking Pilane back into the BMD, majority of the people pulled out and joined the Anti-Pilane.

So our main focus behind operation BMD is to fight against the pro Pilane faction.

Q: We once saw your Face-book post about assassination of Umbrella for Democratic Change Vice President Ndaba Gaolatlhe. Is there any truth in that?

In sensitive issues like this, we are given heads-up by reliable people, so we never want to discuss details because we protect our sources from possible arrest.

Q: Did you feel the Pro Pilane faction is stealing the Party from you?

They stole party through mischief in Ghanzi congress, I want to tell you that in the Ghanzi congress they robbed us the role of a Secretary General.

We are on our feet because we realized that the Pro-Pilane faction wants to topple Gaolatlhe and Mmolotsi off the party president and vice president roles during the upcoming 2017 congress.

We have no problem in them getting removed from the BMD roles, as long as it is through a fair democratic process.

But we have a problem if they cheat in elections, like currently in more than 20 wards which are not officially elected, people have been paid to vote at the congress.

Mangole and Modubule were elected by funds not by BMD members if you know what I mean.

Q: There will be Women’s Wing congress in Mahalapye on Saturday; we hear there is conflict in electing the delegates, how so?

There are tensions ahead of the elections .

If the Pro- Pilane faction takes BMD from general members and party leaders through fair votes then here is no problem but right now there is a lot of mischief making practically buying votes.

Q: We have recently seen you attacking BMD activist, Dimpho Mashaba on facebook, don’t you think the act tarnishes party image?

If a person addresses us publicly, we also respond publicly.

Mashaba made a public statement on radio, so I addressed him publicly because he had gone public in tarnishing the BMD’s image.