STRAIGHT TALK: Kgoroba and Keoapetse

Member of Parliament for Mogoditshane, Sedirwa Kgoroba, has castigated Botswana Congress Party (BCP) legislator for Selebi-Phikwe West, Dithapelo Keorapetse for his opposition unity statement last week when responding to State of The Nation Address (SONA).

Keorapetse had pleaded with Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) President, Duma Boko, to approach the President of Alliance for Progressives, Ndaba Gaolathe, to consolidate the opposition in preparation for 2019 general elections. “The two’s co-operation will help bring unity amongst opposition which is what Batswana need,” said Keorapetse.

However, Kgoroba did not take lightly to that as he started his SONA response by attacking Keorapetse. “His response might be good music to the ears of many but I view them as dishonest, masquerading as genuine intentions. Let me remind him because he was not there when the UDC formation was started. It was never discussed, initiated, concluded nor operated through this house. The UDC I know never intended to play dice with the hopes of multitudes like is the case since you and your party president came into the picture.”

He told the Selebi Phikwe MP that he was not there when the UDC was formed but rather he was distant bashing and discrediting it as fallacy. “You are the last person to spearhead opposition coalition, rather humble yourself and allow its builders to build what they know well.”

He also reminded the house that when the UDC started, Keorapetse walked away because he felt he deserved the presidency. “What you have done is theft. You stole a project we built and your noise about the credibility of this project can easily be mistaken for an architect, contractor and project manager whereas you stole it from those who built it because you are selfish and greedy,” he added.

Kgoroba noted that they loved and respected UDC because it was their brainchild whom some of their beloved colleagues lost their lives working for it.

He requested Keorapetse to give the UDC the respect it deserves even though he hijacked it. “We haven’t forgotten how you in particular, disparaged Gaolathe and called him funny names like, ‘Setete and Daddy’s boy.’ Give me one instance where Gaolathe offended anyone within the UDC or BDP and I will resign as an MP right now. What has he done to you people to deserve such vitriol? ” he asked.

Kgoroba went on and said: “You behave as if you are the founding father of the UDC yet o mafikizilo. Ke eng ole magalamasuke jaana. You think you are the smartest thing ever to come out of opposition after Boko, Gaolathe and Saleshando. I don’t like your speed and stop thinking you are smarter than everybody else. Waa re tlakatlakela and our patience has run out Mr Marcarthyism.”

He concluded by asking Keorapetse to ask those who know the proper procedure and channels if he is genuine about having AP and UDC working together. “If the UDC wishes to talk to the AP there are people within the UDC we can talk to, not shenanigans like Keorapetse. And tell him that we should never ever hear him mention the name AP again. It is no secret we have no respect for him and he has no respect for us so we will stay out of his way and he must stay out of our way, very simple arrangement,” he concluded.

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