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Kedisang family celebrate reunion in Thamaga


Ululation blew through the air amid song and poetry last weekend in Thamaga as the Kedisang extended family came together for a joyful celebration of their reunion.

Held under the theme ‘Bana ba kgwale ba bitsana ka molodi’, the event brought together well over 320 people, both young and old, in a weekend of reminiscing for a family whose members trace their lineage to a GaMmangwato royal descendent and World War I veteran.

After hugging and shaking hands in mutual recognition, the elated family members sat attentively in a marquee erected in front of the Kedisang yard as they listened to elders narrating the family history and genealogy.

According to the family elders, Kedisang assimilated into Bakgatla ba ga Mmanaana-a-Kgamo many years ago after his father, Moalosi- escaped from his uncles in a Ga-Mmangwato chieftainship dispute. The uncles wanted him dead as he had been expected to inherit the Chieftaincy at Basimane-boo-RaKhumo in Serowe.

From GaMmangwato the family settled in Moshupa before they moved to Thamaga. Kedisang, a member of Manyaola regiment also took part in World War I before his death in 1969.

Other family members have since migrated to Ngwaketse, Kweneng and other parts of the country.

The event was hailed a success by the various speakers who took turns to give motivational speeches. Guest of honour, Setshwano Mokgweetsinyana, who is also a prominent health practitioner and researcher commended the family for the initiative.

“It is vital for communities to unite and this has to start at family level. We should borrow a leaf from the Indian community who always stand by one another and assist their own whenever there is a need,” Mokgweetsinyana said and urged the audience to lead healthy lifestyles to ensure a longer life span for family members.

One of the event organizers, Rosah Kedisang-Botlhoko, said the family reunion was intended to bring together family members and share their history and family identity as well as pay tribute to those that have passed on.

“There are so many things we can do together for the benefit of our extended family, taking advantage of our big number. My suggestion is for us to start a burial society, but there are so many other ideas that can come from all of us and from here I plead with you all to go and think of ideas we can implement in the future. There are so many intellectuals among us who can help mobilize such ideas and turn them into reality,” she said.

The colourful event ended on Saturday afternoon amid jubilation and joyful interactions with the reunion committee laying down plans for the next event.