His successful 1, 000km walk was one of the main talking points of 2017.

A year later and Kast is set to dust off his walking boots once again as he attempts ‘double the distance’ – 2, 000km in just 55 days.

Speaking exclusively to Voice Entertainment this week, the outspoken rapper explained he was undertaking his latest ‘marathon escapade’ to highlight the need for an Arts Council in Botswana – something that the Government have long promised to establish.

“Last year’s 1, 000km walk was really a soft protest to get local artists to recognise that they can indeed work together. It was to also get Batswana to appreciate local talent and we managed to get the point across.

“This time around the intent is to raise awareness of the need to develop an Arts Council, something through which the artists will finally have a voice against the ailing Botswana Musicians union (BOMU) and the Copyright Society of Botswana (COSBOTS) who have neglected their mandate,” said the man born Tshepiso Molapisi.

The walk, which will require Kast to cover an average of almost 37km a day, will also serve as a build up to this year’s Tlatsa Lebala concert set for May.

“We are yet to finalise the dates especially with sponsors because we are planning to have part of the walk aired on television. But as things stand the walk will start on March 4th and we expect to arrive back in Gaborone on April 28,” he revealed, adding this time round the route will include the Kgalagadi area.

“We will start the walk in Gaborone. From Gaborone we will head out to Kgalagadi through to Gantsi, pass through Maun, Francistown with the final destination being Gaborone,” revealed the ‘King of Lagos’ hit-maker, who appeared relaxed and supremely confident ahead of his imminent date with the road.

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